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Thanks Rob

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I haven't got a chance to get on the boards much this week, but wanted to send a BIG Thanks to Rob for making it possible for us to have another terrific Carlisle Meet!!!  I know he puts tons of hours into this show and I would like to Thank him for all his hard work!! I would also like to Thank the other that helped CK, Bob and others. 

                                                                                                                THANKS GUYS!!!

This meet has been my number one meet for 10+ years and a big part of why i am here today. When i started in this club i didn't even start working on my car yet. I would read and learn all about what i knew i would have to do, and all the members were more than willing to help. They had unbelievable knowledge that continues today. 

I had a Great time with my old friends and met a few new ones.

I would also like to say i am very pleased that we as a club can help the newbies as they also are looking for direction in there builds!

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Thank you for your very kind words.  With all the work that I put into an Eastern Meet, when I see a line of about 40 to 50 Monte's and other cars leaving the hotel parking lot and then lining up outside of the show field and then entering onto the show field makes it all worth it.  Also in the evening when I look at all of these members with their wives, husbands, family and friends out in the parking lot having a good time also makes it worth it.  Thanks to you all and to those who assisted in Carlisle and leading up to the meet.


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