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Central Ky classic cars , cruise.

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IMG_1729.thumb.jpeg.1dc0d60334a8cf0ca2b14ded28dcd12a.jpegA few pics from a car cruise last weekend Paris kyIMG_1731.thumb.jpeg.1edde0e71ba0829feac476c3eac25487.jpegIMG_1730.thumb.jpeg.24838a88a2c5c1ee8e6cca61d0af330e.jpegIMG_1732.thumb.jpeg.b81abc32b77a79e3510a9b9f80e5b294.jpegIMG_1733.thumb.jpeg.fa920934e4e7b8c921aa676093c7b2ee.jpegIMG_1734.thumb.jpeg.d926716c5704e1af8c74faa293771ca9.jpegIMG_1737.thumb.jpeg.d971c29bbc78528b4356ef9e68b43d7c.jpegIMG_1738.thumb.jpeg.34223b1c209570f0da15de2b5b1d2245.jpegIMG_1740.thumb.jpeg.57773ab1da4d13f8040b26f2042f73a1.jpegIMG_1742.thumb.jpeg.cbc050a0bd83fce70e83f6c22548e7b9.jpegIMG_1743.thumb.jpeg.b73d8b48093c5cbfe097ab549a1fed43.jpegIMG_1744.thumb.jpeg.40bb9ad91eb306b3208e0884505a0a41.jpegIMG_1735.thumb.jpeg.631532e0ed3e3f907192e9976a8e454e.jpegthen it’s off to the Smokey mts in Tennessee for my yearly trike riding and primitive camping 🏕️. A whole week of scenery and riding…. 🌲 

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Thanks for posting Ron, well except the vette, or was that a modified fiero ? 🤣I enjoyed the plate too, wasnt going to mention it but since Willie brought it up I'll agree 🤣

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Had a great time in Tennessee. Good weather too. Not much leaves in color but still got some shots .. good to be back. I just had to go cause I really liked that Mullett vet mark and they sold the temptation while I was gone  yea!!! IMG_1838.thumb.jpeg.f87c0435913edf683942428569ab1fbc.jpegIMG_1783.thumb.jpeg.ff82c200779b4edac792ef33ccb959a9.jpegIMG_1800.thumb.jpeg.b81cd1b7729f3397e1ffbf2f76d405b8.jpegIMG_1853.thumb.jpeg.1036f6d57937901477b22e1c1bfe8475.jpegIMG_1864.thumb.jpeg.edd1749f4beeaaa25302b82a7c3689c1.jpegIMG_1876.thumb.jpeg.53d2d992f1cc60e9d0a5604659352c23.jpegIMG_1871.thumb.jpeg.f140561f87c801a436b6cd8470a34750.jpegIMG_1865.thumb.jpeg.6dda37feb0f7691900bd08335fcab029.jpegIMG_1856.thumb.jpeg.7e1dab3721f32edabba218f0d85c4303.jpegIMG_1798.thumb.jpeg.0e9672bbd6de3c618a4ce414faa22bba.jpeg

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