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  1. Got back home about 330 yesterday to a sweltering 94 degrees. Had no issues tho. We had a great time folks! Made some new wonderful friends, caught up with some from last year also. I can’t say enough about all the good people we met and I thank those who were always willing to help with doing this or that. Thanks to dragcat especially for keeping me morally straight:). Btw. Great pictures Mark 👍🏻 congratulations Dennis on your dancing Banana award 🥇 😆 Also, thank you very much to Rob, CK, Bob, Jared, and many others for putting on a wonderful FGMCC Meet. Ms Monte is back in the garage resting.💤.
  2. Good idea, better safe than sorry...
  3. Also, some carb linkage could have come loose when you put the pedal to the metal ,not allowing throttle to disengage... especially since you were doing ignition work close to that area.. some to check ....
  4. I agree I th what Dennis said, based on past experience 😆
  5. From looking at the wiring schematic I think your wires are jumped incorrectly..from the schematic it should be blue to brown, not blue to red... also should be white to red, not white to brown... Ron
  6. Day a half before I “we” leave for Carlisle, at 3 AM.. hope to be out of the bluegrass state by 530-6 AM. Wednesday. About daybreak.. heading to Charleston WVA. Then north. Trying to beat the Heat... Bags packed, trailer bearings repacked, 71 strapped down,chairs loaded, a few tools, truck tank full of liquid gold , went to bank got 20$ more for gas ⛽️ if I need it :).. hey I’m still living in 1970. 😀 . Truck oil changed, Monte oil changed, pups go to kennel tomorrow. Event sticker on, letter in glove box, exact amount cash for club and pizza 🍕 dinners Everything checked and double checked ... AND NO SPEEDO!!! See ya there 👋🏻 Ron ...
  7. Looks like typical summer chance for storms Rob, are those Wednesday and Thursday percentages in the afternoon? Can’t tell by the forecast posted... Ron
  8. Oh well , have fun . If ya got it - flaunt it !. Just don’t wear them to bench racing , please please ..
  9. No way I’m a gonna go in that pool ! 🏊‍♀️ 😆
  10. Sharp car from what I can see. If I were looking ,I’d definitely consider it...
  11. Thanks Dennis, Just doing a little at a time, have 3 chainsaws - and a neighbor left a tractor here to get hay rolls in.. they turned out pretty decent actually.. as far as the 4600 Ford it will get fixed when I get time to tear it down further and probably find a good machine shop if it’s what I really suspect.. I’m working on another tractor to purchase but the interest rate just went sky high... but I appreciate the offer.. fuel ⛽️ would break us ..to transport that .... Ron....
  12. Right Rob, locust are terrible for splitting, woods around here full of them. Sounds like you know your trees. A Boy Scout maybe 🤔?.. besides the others types I mentioned , there are sumac uprooted, cleavland pear broken off.”expected”. But also a picture of an Oak I have er had uprooted laying in top of my one level barn .. . Didn’t cave in thank goodness. Just a lot of cleaning up..
  13. Yes Dennis thanks, at least it’s cooler with lower humidity here today
  14. Thanks guys, pines uprooted, locust and hackberry broken and uprooted.. lots of fire wood for the winter. If me and my chainsaws hold up . No hurry now really. Got the cattle waterer uncovered at least. See you in Carlisle !.
  15. So first , it rains on the hay in the field five days in a row, second, the tractor decides to give up the ghosts, . Bad luck comes in 3s they say. One more to go. so we come home yesterday after going out to eat and here it is !. Just a small sample of the damage.other pictures would not upload. Cattle were even blocked from water due to number of trees down. 3 hours with a chainsaw helped that. But , we are blessed. Still have a house, pups are ok we are ok and nothing has been bad enough to keep us from Carlisle, yet!.
  16. My favorite isn’t a tire dressing, it’s a detail spray, not sticky, shines good, no yellowing of white letters...use it on vinyl and tires ... purchased at koi parts...
  17. going to grill some burgers 🍔 this evening. Don’t have charcoal but don’t need any in this heat. Please let it be cooler 😎 next week in Carlisle than it is here !!!.
  18. That’s a possibility Ed, but I’m not sure a no fuel misfire due to injection would cause so much crankcase blowback. But I’ll certainly check them out . Thanks. Ron…
  19. More than a days project. The 4600 ford gave up the ghost on me while field mowing this week. Lots of crankcase blow back and cylinders Misfiring.. it only has 3 to start with . Started tearing it down in 95 degree heat but in the shade at least. See what’s going on with it. Haven’t done much work on a diesel before. Probably head gasket between cylinders or cracked rings. This will take me several weeks. A little at a time. A tractor is a necessity here.. any input appreciated..
  20. Hi Mike, I have a doctors appt this morning so I can’t look it up till later.. but I will tell you it is a single filament 12 volt low wattage bulb.. same as on the console gear indicator underneath the horseshoe lever.. w bulb glass about the size of a dime.. that’s what is in mine.. but actually, all incandescent bulbs release heat.. so should be careful how long the dome and rear console light is on ...
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