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  1. Palmbchmonte

    Monte Carlo Key chains ?

    Only had one left as of yesterday
  2. Palmbchmonte

    Monte Carlo Key chains ?

    Yes I will buy one !
  3. I made brackets so I could get the rotisserie away from the car.
  4. Palmbchmonte

    650 HP EFI system for BBC

    Following as I have same questions
  5. Palmbchmonte

    Keith's 70 Monte build

    I have not got much farther with my bodywork....however there is a little progress with the motor !!! 454 (489) 4 bolt stroker Eagle forged, balanced rotating assembly, 4.250" stroke 4340 forged crank, 6.385" 4340 H-beam full floating con rods with ARP bolts, 4032 alloy forged 18cc dome pistons (9.9:1 CR w/118cc chambered heads, file-fit moly rings, and "H" main & rod Just getting ready to order the custom ground cam... haven't come up with the exact specs yet, but it will be .600 to .630 lift, and around 250-260 degrees of duration @ .050, and 110 lobe separation. Brodix Race Rite BP RR BB2 PLUS heads CNC/Angle milled. Wont be long I will have to make that decision on fuel and electrical...most likely Fitech Power adder.
  6. Palmbchmonte

    Joe bonamassa

    Seem him a few years ago in a small venue in West Palm Beach. Best live guitar I have seen... dude is awesome. Considered the best by many in the music biz.
  7. Palmbchmonte

    Keith's 70 Monte build

    Yes that is the difference. I enjoy it and I am in no hurry...doing it for a customer would be different. I am getting older and it's really tough on my hands. It's hell to get old. I remember being able to sand for hours on end whenever I was younger now 4-5 hours on the weekend is all I can handle. This will be my last build so I am doing best possible I can. When I die and someone gets this car they will be glad I took the time.
  8. Palmbchmonte

    New to the Group.

    Welcome I like your optimism buying a car on Friday the 13th LOL obviously you're afraid of nothing enjoy the group
  9. Palmbchmonte

    Keith's 70 Monte build

    Yes I chose to just cut out the center of the trunk pan and put in a partial 46" pan. I left all the braces intact and yes it was more difficult to do it this way but it turned out really nice. I didn't mess with the structural Integrity of the tub at all. Where the partial piece turns up the rear of the trunk pan I just cut it off where the double metal started and welded it solid.
  10. Palmbchmonte

    Which one is 70

    I know there are more differences than that ....but I wasn't for sure if some of the holes were supposed to be there.. I know there's two notches that someone cut in the 72
  11. Palmbchmonte

    Which one is 70

  12. Palmbchmonte

    Which one is 70

    Is the top green colored piece for the 70 and the lower one for a 72? Thanks
  13. Palmbchmonte

    For Sale: 70 Monte Carlo - $ 15,000 (in PA)

    Nice car Mike ! It appears to be a very fair price.
  14. Palmbchmonte

    Cool tool !

    Too cool ... I have never seen one. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F163084297169