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  1. Mike Brichta

    Restoration Recommendation

    There is a place in Quakertown that does top notch restorations on muscle cars. I have not used them myself but I have seen their cars. One of their finished cars appeared in the April 2017 edition of Hemmings Muscle Cars (a 70 Chevelle SS). Here is their info: Troy Thornton Muscle Cars (610) 282-2494 Good Luck!! Mike
  2. Mike Brichta

    hagerty insurance

    I think the last time I did mine I did it online. I requested an adjustment and gave the reasons why. No issues. They are a great company to deal with.
  3. Mike Brichta

    Lookie what showed up (1971SS454)

    I never could resist the lure of a great car project. Nice find. Enjoy your new project!! Mike
  4. I am planning to be at Carlisle all day on Thursday (04/25) and have tons of Monte stuff for sale so if anyone needs anything let me know and I can bring it along. This is a perfect opportunity to save on high shipping costs on larger items while getting great original parts. I am already meeting Willie there to deliver the rear glass and rear package tray for his car. A partial list of some thing I have: - Hoods - Trunk Lids - Driver Door - NOS Rear Quarter Panel - Various Year Fenders - Rears - 10 Bolt and 12 bolt - Front A-Frames and disc brake setup - Entire Rear wiring harness - Door Panels - Radiator Supports - Front and rear fender extensions - 4 tested Power Window motors and regulators - Core Bumpers - Lenses, backup lights, marker lights, dome lights, etc. etc. If there is enough interest in parts I may offer the same thing for the Carlisle Mini Meet, even though I no longer have my 72 Custom to drive to the meet again this year. Thanks!! Mike
  5. Mike Brichta

    1970 monte grille

    I also have a few 70 monte grilles if you can't find one. Thanks!! Mike
  6. Mike Brichta

    1970 Fenders

    Hey Steve, I sent you a PM. Thanks!! Mike
  7. Mike Brichta

    dash housing

    Hey Bob, Are you looking for a dash? I have one for sale. Let me know if interested. Thanks!! Mike
  8. Mike Brichta

    Tilt column

    They are in fact different. The automatic arm is longer then the manual arm. However, as John stated above, I have used an automatic column in a manual car and the rod worked fine. I'm not really sure why they are different
  9. Mike Brichta

    fender search

    Just in case anyone closer to me (I live in PA) is looking for 70 fenders, I have an NOS pair as well as a nice repairable pair. I usually attend Spring and Fall Carlisle if that helps. Thanks!! Mike
  10. Mike Brichta

    Information Needed ASAP

    Hey Rob, I looked at my parts again this morning after reading your reply and I don't see any reason why you can't do the following: - Remove the engine side of the evaporator box (6 bolts/screws to separate the halves, a few nuts on studs that hold it to the firewall). Nothing has to be done from the inside of the car. - Remove the evaporator from the fender side of the box. It looks like it is only held in by a few small brackets and some DumDum (that is what my Dad called it years ago) - like puddy If you run into some problems/questions let me know and I can look at my setup again. Thanks!! Mike
  11. Mike Brichta

    Information Needed ASAP

    Hey Rob, First off I want to say that I looked at my 70 Monte (with AC) and it looks the same as my 72 (with AC) so I don't think the years matter. Let me start by trying to answer your questions: - It is not too difficult to remove the engine side of the evaporator cover. There are (6) bolts/screws that hold the (2) halves together and they can all be accessed from the engine side. There are also studs that hold the box to the firewall but they are also pretty obvious. They are just nuts on studs. - The evaporator core is only fastened to the case, not the firewall. You will see that in my pictures. But it is fastened to the fender side of the case. Now some observations. - I have never done a "flush" to an evaporator so I am not familiar with this procedure. What do you flush with? What are the steps? Does it need to soak for a while? - Having held the evaporator and case in my hands, I don't really see any advantage to taking it all apart to do the flush. Maybe just to "swish" it around with some fluid inside? - There are (3) ports into the evaporator. You will see all (3) in my pics. I would flush "IN" on one of them and then blow air to flush "OUT" of the other ones. If it needs to soak, then I would plug the lower ports and fill from the upper port and then let sit. Unless someone can explain why it can't be done leaving everything where it is, I would not take it all apart. Just my thoughts. Here are some pics. Let me know if you need others. Hope this helps!! Mike
  12. Mike Brichta

    Information Needed ASAP

    Hey Rob, I currently have mine all apart. Since a picture is worth 1,000 words I will try to get you some pics when I get home tonight. Thanks!! Mike
  13. Mike Brichta

    71 Monte Big Block

  14. https://allentown.craigslist.org/pts/d/bethlehemcorvette-15x8-factory-rally/6801459350.html
  15. Mike Brichta

    LF Drivers Side Door/Fender

    Way too far to make it worth it, unfortunately....