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  1. Mike Brichta

    Aluminum Radiators

    Glad it worked out for you. I liked their product.
  2. Mike Brichta

    New power window motors

    Hey Doug, If Jeff doesn't want them I will let you know. Thanks!! Mike
  3. Mike Brichta

    New power window motors

    Hey Doug, sorry I don't have the power lock actuators.
  4. Mike Brichta

    New power window motors

    Hey Jeff, I have a set of OEM power window motors and regulators. A complete set. Tested and they work great. Let me know if interested. I'm in Pa. Thanks!! Mike
  5. Mike Brichta

    Aluminum Radiators

    I went with this one from Engineered-products because I liked their write-up on how it cools better then others. Be sure to scroll down and read their info. No issues since installed. https://www.ebay.com/itm/THE-BEST-1970-1971-1972-1973-1974-Monte-Carlo-Aluminum-Radiator-NO-3-ROW-JUNK/392088719513?fits=Year%3A1970|Model%3AMonte+Carlo&epid=3021747170&hash=item5b4a4f1099:g:IhsAAOxyzGlQ8IWJ:sc:UPSGround!18034!US!-1 Good luck!! Mike
  6. Mike Brichta

    My '70 SS454 build

    Look on the light side, no one was hurt and your car wasn't totaled like mine was. Hagerty is great to work with and will treat you right. Sorry to hear about your accident. Mike
  7. Hey Paul, Sorry to hear about the deer incident. I had a bunch of them run into the side of my 70 about 20 years ago. I guess you could say I got hit by deer. It pretty much sucks. I just got back from a ride in my 72 Corvette and you are correct. A Corvette would be worse. If I can help with some parts let me know. Mike
  8. Mike Brichta

    what to use

    Hey Willie, I've done sandblasting in the corner of one of my garages on similar smaller parts.. That way I was also able to clean the area first and reuse the sand again in the blaster. I used simple screening material to filter the non-sand particles before using the sand again. After that I sprayed the pieces with Rustmort to stop the rust. Then painted with POR-15. Good luck!! Mike
  9. Mike Brichta

    Parting Out 72 Custom - Part 2

    Hey Paul, all windlace/weather strips have been sold. Thanks!!
  10. Mike Brichta

    Parting Out 72 Custom - Part 2

    I sold a lot of parts but still have lots more. Email me your list and I'll let you know if I have it. Thanks!! Mike
  11. Mike Brichta

    10-12 bolt posi

    One of my 70 Montes came originally with a bop 2- something open rear and i converted it to a 3.55 posi pretty easily. A club member helped me with the conversion with parts and instructions. All I needed to purchase was the posi unit, new ring gear and some shims. The pinion did not need to be touched. Maybe someone in the club can help you do the same. I didn't know anything about rears and did the conversions by myself over the weekend. Good luck!! Mike
  12. Mike Brichta

    Parting Out 72 Custom - Part 2

    Hey Randy, Got your email and emailed you prices and pics. Let me know if you think of anything else of interest or if you have any questions. Thanks!! Mike
  13. Mike Brichta

    Restoration Recommendation

    There is a place in Quakertown that does top notch restorations on muscle cars. I have not used them myself but I have seen their cars. One of their finished cars appeared in the April 2017 edition of Hemmings Muscle Cars (a 70 Chevelle SS). Here is their info: Troy Thornton Muscle Cars (610) 282-2494 Good Luck!! Mike
  14. Mike Brichta

    hagerty insurance

    I think the last time I did mine I did it online. I requested an adjustment and gave the reasons why. No issues. They are a great company to deal with.
  15. Mike Brichta

    Lookie what showed up (1971SS454)

    I never could resist the lure of a great car project. Nice find. Enjoy your new project!! Mike