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  1. Thanks Brad, I am going for collector plates and they are quite picky
  2. Hello folks, I am looking for a few things but first and foremost are some mint or NOS headlight bezels for a 72. Thanks in advance
  3. If you have a good one, I am looking just to see what's here and what it's going to set me back
  4. Thank you, I will look into this. My grill is broken but I have a second one
  5. Hello, I am looking for a grill without pitting or cracks, are there any out there? I went for collector plates and they are pickier than I thought. Is there someone that restores radios also? Thanks in advance
  6. Monte123


    Hello Willie, got er done, thanks for the help. Sorry it took so long to get back to you, looks like it was done at the factory.
  7. Monte123


    Thank you Willie, I am in BC so I dont think I will make it to Carlisle but the info is great.
  8. Monte123

    fan shroud

    Hey Willie, where di you get the staples?
  9. Monte123


    Hello Do you know if there is someone who makes the staples that hold 2 fan shroud pieces together?
  10. Thanks, ordered it. Hope to be driving it by the end of the month
  11. I found it, thanks for the help
  12. I just swapped out my turbo 350 for a 400, I did not realize that the shifter cable brackets would be different. Would like to use oem instead after market parts. Are there any out there for sale?
  13. Hello folks, I have swapped out a turbo 350 for a 400, I did not know the brackets for the shifter cable would be different. I need the bracket that bolts to the pan that holds the cable, and, if it is different, the one that the end of the cable mounts to. I would prefer oem. Does anyone have some for sale?
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