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  1. Looks like a great turnout. Thanks for sharing the pictures
  2. Interesting. That color was not offered for the Monte. It would be interesting to see the body tag on this on. Maybe a special order paint.
  3. Looks nice and clean. I don't mind that color, I wonder what it is called?
  4. I had a brain fart Rob, I forgot yours was a 70.
  5. That would have been a coincidence if they were sold at the same dealership Rob. How far apart are the vin numbers?
  6. I love the gentleman's address, #44 Monte Ave
  7. I do have the build sheet and various other documentation. I am on the road, but I will post those on Saturday when I get home. This was a customer ordered car.
  8. This car was ordered without the power steering. This is the second 4 speed that I have had with no power steering.
  9. I think they look way better with the Misty Turquoise over the Classic Copper, but that just me.
  10. How about no options, This is my 1971 350 4 speed, bench seat never been restored or painted. It pretty stripped down with not much for extras. Paint code is 49 -11 or the D-99 option. Trim is not painted. It has no power steering but I love to drive this one. For some reason it seems to "float" a little less without the power steering option. Just don't get too close on a steep hill.
  11. Welcome Cory, you have a very nice Monte.
  12. Welcome to the FGMCC Peter.
  13. Vaughn

    new member

    Welcome Steve and thanks for joining us.
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