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  1. That is great information... and interesting. Much appreciated!!
  2. No luck at Old Air Products. They do have a hose but it’s the same measurement as a small block application which is 56” on the long hose and 24” on the short hose. (They measure the rubber hose only). They may be able to make a new hose set up with my old small block hose but I need measurements. Does anyone have a measurement for a big block application??
  3. Thanks Rob I will give them a call on Monday. -Joe
  4. I’m looking for any information having to do with a 1970 Monte stock air conditioning system with a big block. I have done my research and have found everything that I need except for the discharge hose coming off the back of the compressor. Goodmark has a hose that they say only fits a Chevelle application (GMK4032260691S). My question is has anyone ever replaced their original discharge hose on a 1970 454 big block, and if so what did you use and where did you get it from? Thank you in advance for all who reply, much appreciated!
  5. Thanks again for all the great info, much appreciated! Going to call him next week and see what he says.
  6. Thank you for the recommendation! Just curious about the price he quoted you?
  7. Can anyone recommend someone they have used for anodizing their original pieces?
  8. Got it ... thanks again for all of your help!!
  9. Thanks for the pics Jerry, much appreciated!! ... Pictures really are worth a thousand words!! The vacuum canister that you are referring to is the servo that has the cable attached to the back side according to my 1970 Monte assembly manual. Which brings me to my next question, does anybody know who restores cruise control servos for our Monte’s?
  10. Makes sense about the compressor on the SS models... nowhere to mount the cruise control regulator.
  11. Awesome... much appreciated!!
  12. Thank you Jerry that would really help!
  13. Does anyone have a factory cruise set up in their ‘70 Monte? Any pics of the inner fender area and especially the bracket at the carb would be really helpful. Trying to find the correct throttle/cruise cable bracket at the carburetor. Thanks in advance for the help!!
  14. I contacted the Parts Place and they do not have these staples. I ended up finding them at Paragon Corvette Reproductions, and they are made out of stainless steel. Their part number is 1666K.
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