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Right hand bullet mirror

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I, and I’m sure a few others here, have been frustrated acquiring a right side bullet mirror.

The usual way to do it is to get a bullet mirror from another vehicle and sand down the bottom of the pedestal and build up an angled gasket to get the angle right.

This really doesn’t work well, the screw hole gets in the way and the mirror sits too low on the door.

I have a “correct” one on my driver’s side, it’s a remote version.

My idea is to have the pedestal scanned and reproduced by metal printing one-but in reverse.

However, there appears to be two methods that the housing mounts to the pedestal. The top of my correct one is almost flat and the housing matches it. The two screws that secure the mirror in place also bolt the housing to the pedestal.

The other type has a more pronounced stepped bump that keys deeper into the housing-and there’s an additional screw between the housing and pedestal. I can only find this type of right side bullet mirror.

As the mirror screws holes are the same in both designs, I believe a reversed printed pedestal can be made to fit the differently mounted right hand housings.

I’ll need to pay one company a not too small fee to do the scan then I’ll find out the printing cost from another company.

After I’ve done all this and if it’s successful, I’ll be offering the pedestal to all here who wants one. Buyers will still need to acquire a right hand housing & mirror.



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