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BBC Specific Motor Mounts


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After pulling my 350 to be replaced by a 454 I started digging into motor mount needs. The general consensus I've found in the search function here as well as online is that the motor mounts for BBC are not the same as SBC, but the towers are. However I've been scouring the internet for big block specific mounts and the best I've found is a "67 big block motor mount kit" on SS396, while EVERYWHERE else (including SS396's OEM mounts sold separate of that kit" say "for SBC and BBC." Where do I need to be looking for big block specific mounts? I wouldn't be too concerned except that I'm installing headers and don't want fitment issues due to using undersized mounts.


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Big and small block mounts are the same from 68-72. ONLY mounts and towers for a 307, yes Chevy, are different. 

What are your intentions for the car? You have stock rubber mounts, Lakewood and Lakewood style rubber mounts with the "t" inside for when you do break it, solid mounts , which vibrate your teeth out or what I have and we are using on my son's Monte also are the Chris Alston big block Chevelle mounts. A bit pricy but the best of both worlds. 3 holes on the chassis need to be drilled but well worth it, especially with no engine in the way. 




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Thanks for the info!! Car is primarily going to be a cruiser and heading to local car shows, but the 454 I found is bored .030 over, has 10:5:1 compression, etc so I'm airing on the side of parts that'll handle the horsepower and torque. I was initially thinking solid mounts to avoid replacing again but was concerned about vibration so had settled on rubber OEM style, but with that suggestion I think I might pull out the wallet for the Chris Alstons. As fun as the process of pulling the engine out was I don't care to do it again anytime soon, and in the grand scheme of the build an extra $200 is probably worth not rattling apart the whole car or having to replace broken motor mounts.

This looks to be the correct set? http://www.cachassisworks.com/p-1471-chevelle-68-72-gm-a-body-billet-motor-mount-and-frame-adapter-set-v8-engines.aspx

Thanks again!


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Yes, that is them. I have the billet version. Years ago those were the only ones available. For my son's pro street Monte, we purchased the all steel version. I believe they are a little cheaper. 

If you do purchase them, the frame mounts are reversed from what the instructions say. Follow/copy the pics I posted or contact me when you get them. 

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Not sure if it was mentioned in another thread or not needed, you may have to also replace the trans mount with the CA's. I only mention this because it was recommended when I upgraded to the poly mounts on mine 

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