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  1. Monteman1971

    Not having a great day today ...

    Also....as long as the roof isn't buckled which it looks like it isn't....it can be fixed.
  2. Monteman1971

    Not having a great day today ...

    That literally makes me feel ill. I can only imagine how you feel. I think it's going to depend on how bent the frame is. Everything is fixable it's only a question of how much. You could get the body pulled and a replacement frame but it's all a matter of what the insurance will pay and possibly how much of the work your able to do yourself. I'm thinking depending on how much you have it insured for is what's going to be the deciding factor. If it's a total, you can collect whatever they are willing to pay minus the salvage and then repair the car on your own. You could farming out just the big stuff like pulling the body back into general shape and then replacing the door, quarter panel and replace the frame on your own. Sorry, Steve
  3. Monteman1971

    Not having a great day today ...

    Sorry to hear this Mike, glad your ok. Everything can be fixed but with insurance you're going to have to see how much they will pay. Hopefully it looks worse than it is. Steve
  4. Wow...that's amazing!!! What a great find for both of you!!! Steve
  5. Not sure what your asking here....lol. I was able to get a new piece of glass for the mirror itself. A convex mirror so it has a bigger field of view. Steve
  6. Mirror is finished.....
  7. Monteman1971

    1971 Monte Carlo SS 454 for Sale

    I believe that coming back into the states you only pay for the shipping. Your figure of $7000 cdn includes a lot of stuff that only pertains to vehicles coming into Canada. Your price seems more than fair if it's a numbers matching car (I didn't see that noted). Steve
  8. Monteman1971

    WANTED: 70 Passenger side bullet mirror

    Carl....you can buy the "objects in the mirror are closer than they appear" (convex) replacement glass mirror. The manufacture is Burco and the part number is 3183. Got mine off Amazon for $12. Google it because they give the dimension so you can make sure it's the same as you have. I'm 99% sure for all those sport mirrors that they are the same on most if not all GM cars. It's a nice piece but it was just a hair big on one side....just a hair. Nothing a little sandpaper didn't take care of. Steve
  9. Monteman1971

    Black or white shifter ball?

    Not sure of the 1970 but mine was definitely just a black knob on the 1971. 4 speed pattern on the console. Steve
  10. Monteman1971

    Black or white shifter ball?

    Looks like that's a Hurst shifter with the Hurst aftermarket ball Steve..... they all came with a Muncie Shifter and a non descript black knob from the factory. Steve
  11. Monteman1971

    Black or white shifter ball?

    Definitely black........
  12. Monteman1971

    WANTED: 70 Passenger side bullet mirror

    I've been looking for 30+ years...lol. Finally made my own. See the thread in the general area. The base is not exact but it's hard to tell. I'm working on possibly getting a correct base made....hopefully it works out. Not painted yet in the pic. LMAO...just realized this is your thread Dan!!! Steve
  13. Monteman1971


    Dan's got the answer..... the metal clips that come with the molding are impossible to use and will make a mess of your new trim. I also used the plastic clips on mine...work great! Steve
  14. Monteman1971

    Fuel gauge

    Be careful where you place the jack stands. They must be under the front and rear suspension. In my younger days (yes, that long ago...lol) I put the car up on stands on the four corners of the frame (behind the front tires and in front of the rear tires) and the body literally flexed to the point where the door gaps changed. Once down on all fours it went back to normal but the damage was already done....I got a crack in the bondo of the rear quarter panel where some rust repair had been done. Now I have a second set of baloney tires that I put on it for the winter and leave it on the ground. Steve
  15. Monteman1971

    msd ignition box

    Mine is mounted on top of the glove box, under the dash pad. Once adjusted you rarely need to get at it so once it's set your done. Steve