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  1. Monteman1971

    SS Hockey Sticks

    I'll agree.....way too much work to take them off....... hopefully someone will come up with a set for you Jared. Mine are in good shape but put me down for a new set once you get this done! Steve
  2. Monteman1971

    Maybe It's Just The Car Guy In Me

    I had a friends father who the jack fell on....no one was home. they say he suffocated to death. I never even consider not using stands...ever!!!! Steve
  3. Monteman1971

    Drive 55 and stay alive

    Remember speed limits of 55? It still is 55 here on long Island!!! lol...... nobody drives at 55 unless they see a cop (funny how they all jam their brakes at that moment) but the limit is 55! Steve
  4. Monteman1971

    Hagerty Article

    Nice article, thanks for sharing! Steve
  5. Monteman1971

    71 dash knobs difference

    Like everything else at GM back then....it's what they had at the time your car was built. Maybe they had 2 different distributors who made the knobs? Steve
  6. Monteman1971

    secondary vin number location?

    I've seen the vin in two other places besides the one in the front window. One is under the A/C or non-AC heater box and the other was on the left side rear frame under the trunk between the last two body bolts. For the one on the frame you are going to need a mirror to see it. My 2 cents, Steve
  7. Monteman1971

    FGMCC on Instagram

    Found it and I'm following!! Thanks!! Steve
  8. Monteman1971

    My apologies

    I'm all over that.... thanks! Steve
  9. Monteman1971

    amp gauge

    It's a big project for a gauge that does little to nothing. I never understood why they have an Amp gauge and not a volt gauge. If it's pointing straight up i'd just leave it alone. Steve
  10. Monteman1971


    I watched it, it was entertainment at the expense of a Monte. I wasn't impressed with any of the workmanship and I bet it only made it onto the track because it was for TV. No way that wreck was track worthy. My 2 Cents, Steve
  11. Monteman1971

    My apologies

    Hey Tony...... Welcome back, I'm spotty here but do attempt to get on a couple times a week. I have my Facebook account but haven't used it in years but I do like Instagram....just pictures which is great. I couldn't take all the political bickering that was going on over at Facebook. Steve
  12. Monteman1971

    car alarm

    I've heard of too I've heard of too many show cars being stolen from hotels. Sometimes, truck, trailer and car. I feel safer with it being watched by security at the field. At the show field there are a lot more cars worth more than our Monte's so we won't be the first choice of thieves....lol
  13. Monteman1971

    Exhaust manifolds

    Congrats on the baby!!! They are a lot of fun!!! The expense never ends....lol.... Steve
  14. Monteman1971

    Gear Vendor O/D install with TH-400

    Nice and clean..... Very cool.
  15. Monteman1971

    car alarm

    Never leaves my site....lol...