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  1. Monteman1971

    A couple bolts and nuts needed

    What is this coil plenum you speak of??? lol Got a pic? I've got a lot of nuts and bolts that I've kept from car's I've parted out. Can you put a ruler to the nut and bolt you have so I know the actual size...pic of that too please. Steve
  2. Monteman1971

    Matching Numbers Or NOT???

    We need to see the vin number in the windshield area to determine that. Your other post in the General area has some activity on it you might want to go check but the Vin is what's needed to verify what you are looking for. Your first pic is the "trim tag" it only shows paint codes and what trim is on the car. Steve
  3. Monteman1971

    The Official NY/LI Gatherin' & Ramblin' Thread

    On the Island, during the summer you can find a cruise night almost every night of the week someplace and a majority of the Sundays there is a car show someplace. We go down to the Captree Boat Basin/ Park where the OBI use to be almost every Sunday morning when the weather permits Steve
  4. Monteman1971

    Going Under The Knife

    Glad everything went well...here's to a fast recovery! Steve
  5. Monteman1971

    Enclosed car hauler size

    Thanks Aaron, don't know if I saw that.
  6. Monteman1971

    The Official NY/LI Gatherin' & Ramblin' Thread

    Until the roads are cleaned.....................nothing....lol. But a heads up, we are planning on going to the Syracuse Nationals again this year!!! July 19th-21st.
  7. Monteman1971

    Enclosed car hauler size

    Mine's a 20 footer. It fits the Monte with about 3 feet in the front. Enough space to bring my bicycle with me. I got the 20 foot to save on the weight and because the only thing that goes in it is the car , 2 spares and my bicycle when needed (no tools). Don't know how to load pics here....lol Steve
  8. Monteman1971

    Beltline molding

    The felts are the same as a Cutlass I've been told. Steve
  9. Monteman1971

    70 4 speed Monte

    I agree with above....... But we need more pics of the car!!!! Steve
  10. Monteman1971

    72 custom

    Just turn down tail pipes...my 2 cents...lol Steve
  11. Structurally, the Monte and the Chevelle are the same car from the cowl back......just different external sheet metal.
  12. Monteman1971

    SS Hockey Sticks

    I'll agree.....way too much work to take them off....... hopefully someone will come up with a set for you Jared. Mine are in good shape but put me down for a new set once you get this done! Steve
  13. Monteman1971

    Maybe It's Just The Car Guy In Me

    I had a friends father who the jack fell on....no one was home. they say he suffocated to death. I never even consider not using stands...ever!!!! Steve
  14. Monteman1971

    Drive 55 and stay alive

    Remember speed limits of 55? It still is 55 here on long Island!!! lol...... nobody drives at 55 unless they see a cop (funny how they all jam their brakes at that moment) but the limit is 55! Steve
  15. Monteman1971

    Hagerty Article

    Nice article, thanks for sharing! Steve