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  1. Monteman1971

    Aluminum Radiators

    Not for nothing but the best cooling radiator is a copper one and there are plenty of companies that you can get one from. Give it a google search. My understanding is the only benefit to an aluminum radiator is weight savings..... oh, and they look really cool!! My 2 Cents, Steve
  2. Monteman1971

    My '70 SS454 build

    Sorry to hear and see that....... these kids need something that disables their phone when behind the wheel!. Steve
  3. Very nice!! Great find!!! Looks really clean. Steve
  4. CK, I think Steve was asking if anyone was going to the "track" as in racing. Al is looking to run his car...hey Steve, do you know where the track is and when they are running?
  5. Monteman1971

    Went To A Car Show/Cruise and WON

    Congrats!! Money is always good!! Steve
  6. Monteman1971

    Stater Clicking issue -

    Do you have a shield on the starter? Protect it from the heat.... You could start with replacing the leads if that hasn't been mentioned yet but for me it's always been the heat off the headers that kills the starter solenoid. Steve
  7. Monteman1971

    Question on lug studs

    Oh...and your new rims look great! Steve
  8. Monteman1971

    Question on lug studs

    I got the longer ARP studs and cut them down...It's worth the time and effort and you can custom cut them to what you need. If a tire comes off it's going to create a lot of damage to everything...ugly. My 2 cents Steve
  9. Monteman1971

    New SS listing at a dealer

    Nice car, hope they get the number for it. It's certainly a car you'd have to see to confirm if it's a real SS or not. The back bumper says it is because that's certainly an item that's hard to come by. But I'm going to bet the farm that it's not a numbers matching car. Even the weakest of classic car sales people would list that information if it had it. I don't mind the changes, most of that can be brought back but the fact that they cut the original dash for that radio bothers me a bit even though that can be replaced too. Steve
  10. Monteman1971

    Lookie what showed up (1971SS454)

    Great to see another rescue! Great starting point!! The paperwork shows sport mirrors right and left side..... so where is the right side mirror? Someone take it off along the way? Wonder if you can see inside the door if the holes have been filled? Steve
  11. Monteman1971

    50th Anniversary Monte Carlo

    I don't use Facebook although I do have an account but I will be at the meet and I'll spread the word!!! Steve
  12. Monteman1971

    Western Meet Photos

    Thanks for sharing...what great pics!!! Steve
  13. Monteman1971

    help with some hardware

    lol....just come and see my car Willie.... I have all the correct bolts. You can match up all that stuff. Steve
  14. Monteman1971

    My hood sits high in the back.

    I would certainly fix the front mounts first but Larry has the right idea. If you raise the front of the hinge that will bring down the rear. It effects how the hinge closes on itself. Steve
  15. Monteman1971

    Carlisle Awad Winners

    Congrats to all!!! Steve