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Jared Richey

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    Belton, South Carolina, CSA
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    Drag Racing, Montes, car shows, bowling, Car Parts
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    Jared Richey
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    Ye Olde Speed & Sport Emporium

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  1. Jared Richey

    Eastern meet tracking

    Number of people in your group Your Real Name or (names) like Jared and Alexis Richey) Monte or not? Day Arriving (I will try to have activities planned on Thursday as well if you arrive any earlier feel free to do so) Trailer or Driving Interested in activities? Go karts, mini golf, etc? If I think of anything else I need I will edit this post.
  2. Jared Richey

    Eastern meet tracking

    This will be the thread for tracking attendance of the Eastern Meet on the site at least. Last year the time I did to meet very few replied here and got most replies through email.
  3. Jared Richey

    Not so good.

    Definitely in my prayers Darren. You are only 52 if your post was correct that's terrible did not realize you were that young with all these health problems.
  4. Jared Richey

    Not Monte Related

    Wow. That could be dangerous if getting Inside.
  5. Jared Richey

    Still Around

    I will be in Daytona for the turkey run. Most likely
  6. Jared Richey

    Harrison 3 core NOS Radiator

    I don't know
  7. Jared Richey

    Front A Arms for street/strip

    So they're built in Tennessee is the place located in Indiana that's the one that's coming up.
  8. 3 Piece set in GM wrappers. $1000 firm. If you use PayPal you cover fees or send friends/family. Check or MO is fine too. Local pickup or buyer pays Shipping UPS Ground and PVC Tube. I have a few others NOS parts available as well.
  9. Jared Richey

    Front A Arms for street/strip

    Looking into buying upper and lower tubular A-arms for My Hotrod Monte. just wanted some feedback as to what some of you may be using. The lower A frame bushings in my car are original. I'm not spending any money on the original bushings when I can buy the lower A-frames ready to install since I am letting my front end man do it anyway. not looking to break the bank here just wanting some good quality parts that's not going to fall apart and take the abuse of some hard launches.
  10. Jared Richey

    Need bucket seat suggestions

    Shipping would be pretty pricey. you would be best to find a set in your area and they do come up for sale
  11. Jared Richey

    Back from the Dead

    Glad you are still around
  12. Jared Richey

    Trim the Hockey sticks?

    I also asked him a question in the post he had here a while back in the far sale for him and never really got an answer
  13. Jared Richey

    Need bucket seat suggestions

    I have factory seats located in Anderson South Carolina
  14. Jared Richey

    72 seat belts

    Give me a call please 864-940-2146 I may just be able to help you out
  15. I have a Harrison 3 core brand new radiator. I figured someone doing a correct restoration would appreciate this thing. Worth more to me to sell it to put the money towards other things on my cars than to use it myself. Asking $750 but would consider a reasonable offer. The parts place has these reproduction and they are almost $500 now. This is for someone doing a restoration where you want all correct parts. No box just the radiator. 864-940-2146