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Jared Richey

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    Belton, South Carolina, CSA
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  1. Jared Richey

    SS Hockey Sticks

    No but I just seen your post I'm going to send them another message.
  2. Jared Richey

    Upper Hockey Stick Part Numbers

    According to the Parts place they should be available very soon.
  3. Jared Richey

    tough post..........

    Dang sorry to hear that ☹️
  4. Jared Richey


    Just sent you a story rob
  5. Jared Richey

    Follow along with the build of a 1970 Monte Carlo

    LOL Inner fender crash down lol
  6. Now for episode 2. Posted in this forum
  7. I think a lot of you will enjoy this. I had the idea the other day. I think it worked out. Enjoy. More to come.
  8. Jared Richey

    WOW, A Coupon For An Extra Value Meal... I'm so excited

    I quit McDonald's but the cruise in once a month even then I usually walk next door to Arby's. Best restaurant for quick, and great customer service is chick fil a. Amazing how fast you get through the line. My favorite fast food is Dairy Queen,. just got back have to drive 20 miles at the county line for it.
  9. Jared Richey

    Still here, still looking

    I can always find something to do to a car lol
  10. Jared Richey

    SS Hockey Sticks

    Just sent them another message not quite available yet but says will be available shortly!!
  11. Jared Richey

    AM FM Stereo and Stereo 8 Track

    Both radios are untested I would for sure say that the am FM 8-track needs to be rebuilt
  12. I have for sale a and AM FM stereo radio correct for 71 72. Asking $325 shipped open to offers. also have a complete 71-72 AM FM stereo 8 track system available. includes everything the wiring radio harness speaker grills and front speaker brackets and speaker cores. $400 for the setup 864-940-2146 for pictures or more info.
  13. Jared Richey

    Beltline molding

    Just order "with special molding"
  14. Follow along here on my YouTube channel. You can watch all the videos,. I will try and start sharing a few here. Hope to have done for Eastern meet this year. I bought it in Georgia back in August, sold to a Friend of mine, with the agreement to totally restore. I'm doing more to this car than I normally do but since it's a Monte I am very familiar with the process of putting it back together.