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Jared Richey

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    FGMCC Vice President "I got the Fastest Set of Wheels in To
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    Belton, South Carolina, CSA
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    Drag Racing, Montes, car shows, bowling, Car Parts
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    Jared Richey
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    Ye Olde Speed & Sport Emporium

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  1. Jared Richey

    steering wheel/column

    And if you did buy a new wheel don't buy it from them it's $50 higher than everyone else
  2. Jared Richey

    steering wheel/column

    Don't waste your time with the aftermarket 3 spoke wheels.. the grain on them are nowhere close to being correct
  3. Jared Richey

    elusive 71ss hockey sticks

    Any update on these pieces?
  4. Jared Richey

    Eastern meet XX Headcount

  5. Early head count is 13 members and 13 cars. I will add to this list as more registrations and people contact me come in.
  6. Jared Richey


  7. Jared Richey

    NOS Trim Pieces needed

    I need the one behind the tire.
  8. I am.. looking for Driver side fender lower trim Driver door lower trim Driver quarter panel Lower trim In front of tire. Wheel well moldings I don't want to buy a complete set of lowers, hopefully someone has some odd ones out.
  9. Jared Richey

    It's Official

    AC is nice especially in a Monte Carlo
  10. Jared Richey

    Replacement for lead filler?

    Yeah red is sky high, Even Metalux is $300 a gallon my cost. $400 or more off the street price
  11. Jared Richey

    thinking about finally working on my 1970SS

    Get to it!
  12. Jared Richey

    Lookie what showed up (1971SS454)

    Nice score. I said I'm done buying montes to keep for myself as I have 3..but if a #s 71 SS comes along cheap I will be tempted. Lol
  13. Jared Richey

    Hagarty article

    The Grand Prix stuff is just not true.. maybe a select few has sold at auction for a decent price but 99% of them are half the value of a Monte Carlo.
  14. Jared Richey

    2019 Eastern Meet Hotel Contract Signed

    Don't forget to make your reservations.
  15. Jared Richey

    Replacement for lead filler?

    All these silly people spending $3k on just paint and clear. LOL bunch of suckers