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Jared Richey

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    FGMCC Vice President "I got the Fastest Set of Wheels in To
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    Belton, South Carolina, CSA
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    Drag Racing, Montes, car shows, bowling, Car Parts
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    Ye Olde Speed & Sport Emporium

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  1. Jared Richey

    2019 Eastern Meet Announcement

    The new dates have been released October 11-12
  2. Jared Richey

    Console Top Plates

    I am looking for console top plates for automatic the long one and the shifter indicator one. I will buy several if you have them. Do not care about condition of the decals or lens. 864-940-2146
  3. Jared Richey

    SS Air Compressor

    SOLD! thanks
  4. Jared Richey

    WTB 1970 Monte SS

    Did you see Tommy's post above? He has a mint 70 SS I believe asking 40 or 50k.
  5. Jared Richey

    SS Air Compressor

    SS Air Compressor No brackets. Just got this thing at a swap meet, do not need it. Need $425 shipped PayPal or $400 Shipped Friends/family, or Postal money order. Flat rate shipping to USA. The guy new what it was so this wasn't a cheap swap meet find Lol 864-940-2146
  6. Jared Richey

    1972 Monte Carlo NOS 3 Piece Rear Trim Set

    Sold. Have a used set driver quality
  7. Jared Richey

    2019 Eastern Meet Announcement

    All dates tentative. Next year's show will be announced soon.
  8. Jared Richey

    Anderson this Saturday

    My annual Halloween get-together at the last McDonald's Cruise in. Call me for more info 864-940-2146
  9. Jared Richey

    1971 Front Bumper Brackets

    Yeah you can pretty much use any year on 1970 and 72 but with the large part light housings and 71 you have to have 71 72 brackets.
  10. Jared Richey

    2019 Eastern Meet Announcement

    Correct along with next year's dates times registration info Etc. This year's event just take took place last weekend
  11. Jared Richey

    Which One and Why

    1971 SS 454 would be my first choice. My second choice would be a 72 custom as long as it was a W code 454,as they only Built less than 1200.
  12. Jared Richey

    Eastern meet tracking

    Number of people in your group Your Real Name or (names) like Jared and Alexis Richey) Monte or not? Day Arriving (I will try to have activities planned on Thursday as well if you arrive any earlier feel free to do so) Trailer or Driving Interested in activities? Go karts, mini golf, etc? If I think of anything else I need I will edit this post.
  13. Jared Richey

    Eastern meet tracking

    This will be the thread for tracking attendance of the Eastern Meet on the site at least. Last year the time I did to meet very few replied here and got most replies through email.
  14. Jared Richey

    Not so good.

    Definitely in my prayers Darren. You are only 52 if your post was correct that's terrible did not realize you were that young with all these health problems.
  15. Jared Richey

    Not Monte Related

    Wow. That could be dangerous if getting Inside.