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  1. Welcome to the forum Antoine, like you I also am searching for a 1st gen big block Monte. Although i'm looking for more of a turn key ride. You will find lots of knowledge and experience on this site to assist you. You seem to have your preferences and negotiables in order so now it seems the only thing is time/availability. Members post ad's they find in this thread, also I have posted questions in the 454 thread on cars I have seen for sale asking for opinions. Good luck on your quest
  2. DragCat

    72 @ Auction

  3. DragCat

    Thoughts on this 70 454 SS

    Thanks for the look and comments Kevin, much appreciated. I'm on the road and internet is sketchy at best (video looks like watching an old vhs tape with the tracking off) so I can't see what your saying. I was going to try and wiggle a day off BUT the "kink" in the fender has changed my mind. Dents also put me off for the price they are asking. Oh well, the search continues. I'm glad I joined the forum, have learned much and appreciate everyone schooling a prospective MC owner.
  4. DragCat

    Thoughts on this 70 454 SS

    I wanted to thank everyone for their comments, opinions, suggestions, and thoughts, it is greatly appreciated. I completely understand there is only so much you can observe from internet pictures and or video and that a onsite inspection is absolutely necessary. And yea its a bit pricey, but thats just the cost of doing business I guess. Just like BJ and Mecum with the buyer premium the consignment shop has to get their cut. But it looks like a nice SS with 9 of 10 of the options I wanted, wish it had P/W but thats also something that can be changed/upgraded. I just got thrown a wrench at work possibly requiring travel which would put a nashville trip for me on the back burner, still working out that issue. Gotta pay the bills ....If anything changes i'll update. Mark
  5. DragCat

    Thoughts on this 70 454 SS

    Thanks for your input and points Daniel, I appreciate it. Knowing the issues with the load leveler i'd have to assume it doesn't work (even if it had all the additional parts) but at least the compressor is there (laughing). Fresh paint scares me since good body and paint isn't cheap and in most cases not well done. I missed the chrome on the lower bolsters, had to refresh my mind from other MC photos. I appreciate your should be an easy fix/change comments, my mindset is most classics are gonna have things that have been modified or changed over the life of the car. It seems consignment shops are becoming the norm for sales, and I realize they have to tack their 5/10K fee's on the car as the price of doing business. But since I have to add airfare, rental car, hotel on to my final price I appreciate the communities comments on things I would have missed. Mark
  6. DragCat

    Thoughts on this 70 454 SS

    Ok I know its SB Sunday, and people don't like to talk down about others cars. But I figured someone might know this SS or have a keener eye than I do to pick out some issues. Thanks https://www.ebay.com/itm/1970-Monte-Carlo-SS-454/273683449627?hash=item3fb8ce071b:g:rlIAAOSw4S1cVmuH:rk:1:pf:0&vxp=mtr
  7. Saw the ad on CL, add'd it below since it had more pictures. Looks like you and your son put some nice hard work in it, good luck on the sale. Off topic, Felix's has one of the best Cuban sandwich's I've ever eaten, and I've lived and worked in miami. https://orangecounty.craigslist.org/cto/d/orange-1971-chevy-monte-carlo-muscle-car/6802985845.html
  8. DragCat

    fuel pump outlet size?

    Sorry i'm late to the party , I think you need a 5/8 inverted flare connection for the fuel pump if its a SB with original style fuel pump.
  9. DragCat

    70 @ Mecum

    Don't think this one crossed the block yesterday as scheduled, front PS tire is flat, looked like they drove it flat into the wash area as the tire was shredded. Looks like recent paint but already bubbles on the PS lower roof area. Quite a few supposedly big $$$ cars with hood, trunk gap issues and some sketchy bodywork. So important to get a good eye on cars especially since you can't test drive them https://www.mecum.com/lots/FL0119-367287/1970-chevrolet-monte-carlo/
  10. DragCat

    Restored 1970

    Well glad I wasn't loosing my wits on the price. I know last year before traveling to Mecum Hagerty had 70 SS 454's in condition 1 at 50K. I know many don't like to criticize peoples rides which I understand, but since i'm in the market I like to get others opinions. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on which side of the coin your on there are no first gen's at Mecum this year. It seems, at least to me many "classic" rides are going directly to the consignment shops. Not good for me considering paying maybe 10K above owners asking $$ for the service not including traveling and such. Oh well maybe thats the new age of selling cars.
  11. looks to be nice, but I have a hard time with the asking $ 49.5K Maybe i'm outta the loop on Monte prices. http://www.pmautos.com/auto/?auto=1970-chevrolet-monte-carlo-
  12. DragCat

    72 in MN

    I too thought it looked real good in the pictures and the description, if it wasn't in MN and it wasn't the holidays I'd be tempted to scope it out. Oh well ......
  13. DragCat

    72 in MN

    Just passing this along https://classiccarvalues.org/?a=1&SearchText=monte+carlo&VID=52439844
  14. Somewhere I read CL gives you 20something photo's for free, don't know why people aren't more descriptive. https://baltimore.craigslist.org/cto/d/1970-monte-carlo/6774714475.html
  15. DragCat

    72 Clone on Ebay

    Ok, getting sketchy now, original auction was closed due to (error in listing) and new listing has the word "clone" removed and a reserve price set. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1972-Chevrolet-Monte-Carlo-MONTE-CARLO-SS/264090622808?hash=item3d7d071b58:g:IJoAAOSwg05cEsTa:rk:3:pf:0&vxp=mtr