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  1. DragCat

    1970 SS 454

    Laughing, very true Rob. I had planned on going to the park this morning to get some nice shots but mother natures rain called for a change of plans. So Ya'll will have to deal with saturday getting familiar with my Monte test shots. For those with very keen eyes yes there are all sorts of sweaty handprints and whatnot on the car from me and the transport driver going over the car after the unload. I spent about an hour yesterday afternoon wiping it down for todays glamor shots lol. Well it will be ready for the next sunny day run
  2. DragCat

    1970 SS 454

    What a GREAT day ! I'll post more/better when I find some nicer backgrounds lol. My first picture post
  3. DragCat

    Flash of Oil Pressure Idiot Light

    I would definitely start by looking for a vacuum leak/issue. Did you T the idiot light or run direct line from the block to the gauge? Vacuum issues will drive you crazy no doubt.
  4. DragCat

    tough post..........

    Sorry to hear about your issues, and on top of that having to sell the Monte. Pictures show a beautiful Monte and as others have stated seems very reasonably priced. Good luck to you sir on both fronts.
  5. DragCat

    New project

    Dang Antione, are you trying to start your own personal Monte Club? Frame looks nice from the pictures, hope your close to done on your SS project. I couldn't do 2 builds at the same time. Congrats on the find and keep us posted on the progress
  6. DragCat

    Aftermarket Gauge Cluster

    I've never done it on a Monte, maybe someone else who has will step in. I did just help a buddy on his blue oval car, ( and i'll repeat what I said on my other post discard the plastic line that comes with the gauge and go copper. auto meter part 3224) He ordered his gauges from Jegs (their logo gauges) and the water temp gauge was all one piece, meaning the sensor and the connection/bolt and the wire to the gauge were all one piece. There wasn't an existing hole big enough (5/16 9/16?) to get the sensor and nut through so he had to drill. Maybe you have a spare/plugged hole in your firewall.
  7. DragCat

    Aftermarket Gauge Cluster

    Just to offer an alternative in case you don't want to pull your IP. I don't see a reason to keep the connections to the idiot lites but thats your decision. This should handle your Temp and Oil pressure. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/atm-10183/applications/make/chevrolet/model/monte-carlo
  8. DragCat

    Still here, still looking

    Thats great, nice to hear and see you and your son are having fun and making memories . Sorry guys, didn't mean to steal the thread I just enjoy seeing classic cars at the track
  9. DragCat

    Still here, still looking

    Wow, thats a sweet looking Monte !
  10. DragCat

    Still here, still looking

    Great shot Thomas, what does your Monte run at the track?
  11. DragCat

    Flash of Oil Pressure Idiot Light

    I'm going to agree with IMR's/Antoine post its a resistance thing. If its an "idiot lite" then its electrical from the sending unit to the IP. You would have to trouble shoot the harness and all connections. My suggestion is not for the purist/all factory oem crowd, since oil pressure is a pretty important thing you could mount a small mechanical gauge somewhere and be done with it. They are pretty inexpensive and I would definitely not use the plastic line supplied with most kits. (auto meter part # 3224 would be my recommendation)
  12. DragCat

    Shop Manuals on CD ?

    Thanks for your reply Rob, and I understand your points. I like the CD concept as I can prep myself for a project while having coffee in the morning or a beer at night, print the pages I need and not have to worry about getting my greasy paw prints all over it while in the garage. I'm new to Monte ownership so I thought this was a relatively cheap starting point (costs less than the round of golf I'm going to play today) to have some reference material. Basic stuff like what bolts directions to remove a bumper and so on. More detailed intricate stuff like how to pull the IP I would probably post a ? here and ask any tricks to removing the speedo cable/wire harness (may not be Monte specific). Yes i'm in the IT field but could be called a bit of a hoarder, my garage pc I bought in 2005 so it was repurposed when I upgraded for the house/my office computer. I'm an older non experienced guy, still remember when software came on a 3.5 floppy disk and I still have vinyl records and a turntable. Again thanks for your post, I appreciate all comments and suggestions for questions I ask. Mark
  13. I've seen 2 examples, one in the OPGI catalog and another from Detoit Iron. Anybody have any pro's/con's on either? The DI one says works on both windows and Mac (yes I use both) the other I can't find any spec's and neither lists any license quantities, I have a pc in my garage so I like to have a copy on that one. I don't plan on needing one anytime soon but in my experience they are very valuable when you do need info.
  14. DragCat

    1970 SS 454

    Thanks guys, like I said, I'm jazzed. Antoine i'll be following your progress in your posts and watching for when you get yours home.
  15. DragCat

    1970 SS 454

    UPDATE: I bought the Monte !!!!!! Yea i'm jazzed / excited to say the least. The car was exactly as described when I talked to the owner and even better. For those who have gone to look at cars that are far from described you know what I mean. The only downside was it rained the whole time I was there, and we had to do the test drive in the rain. But on the upside we spent a lot of time in the garage talking and going over the Monte waiting for a hold on the rain. The owner was extremely knowledgeable and generous with sharing his information with a first time MC buyer. The car should be on the truck heading to me next week, I can't wait! I'll take pictures when it arrives. It feels like forever I've been searching, and it has been a long road but persistence paid off. Thanks to everyone on the forums for sharing their thoughts and knowledge with me on my quest.