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  1. DragCat

    Fuel for 454

    Have you considered AvGas ? I know its pricey (I think $5 a gallon last time I bought some) but for a weekend driver it all works out. Smaller airports will sell it to you, some have strict rules about being metal gas cans to put fuel in some don't. We have a Sunoco that sells it along with race fuel so I get 10 gallons when I make a run.
  2. DragCat

    71 SS454 sold for $40k

    Sorry I was mistaken, it was at Mecum 2018. I forgot it had bench seats. 40K should make current SS owners happy, shoppers not so much. Found the original Mecum post with more pictures https://www.mecum.com/lots/FL0118-321401/1971-chevrolet-monte-carlo-ss/
  3. DragCat

    71 SS454 sold for $40k

    Did he buy it at Mecum Last Year? I don't remember that one being there. Pictures look nice, i'm not a fan of the mud flaps.
  4. DragCat

    Better Late Than Later

    Looking good Rob ! I don't envy you guys that have winter
  5. DragCat

    Another wheel and tire ?

    Thanks again, i'm rethinking my 235 thoughts with all the info and pictures. I think Jegs is spying on me because now i'm getting Drag Radial tire sale emails lol
  6. DragCat

    hagerty insurance

    Just call them and increase the value, of course your premium will rise a little. If they do ask why, tell them you checked out their valuation tool and it shows your cars value for more than you have it currently. Thats what I did with no issues
  7. Thanks for the info, I didn't want to steal the thread but needed an education. Don't ask me why the blue oval people did some of the things they did, I just remembered this from my younger days lol You had to jumper the +side of the battery to the +side of the coil to troubleshoot and bypass the ignition circuitry when testing.
  8. Ok while Paul is trouble shooting educate me. Back in my blue oval days if there was a wire/voltage/connection issue with the Tach the car would turn over/crank with the key in the Start position but would die when the key was returned to the On position, are the bow tie's different?
  9. I'm going to step out on a limb here, going from old memory. I'm going to assume you drove the car home fine just with no Tach. My guess is its mechanical (gauge) because I don't think the car would run/be drivable if you had a bad wire/electrical issue. I'm sure someone will correct me and or give more info on troubleshooting.
  10. Put a new battery in and repaired/upgraded the HEI dizzy lol. Not much compared to what others are doing but I think I lost a few pounds too sweating in the garage. So i'm patting myself on the back for my accomplishments and enjoying a cold adult beverage lol
  11. Great Pic's Joe, thanks for sharing
  12. DragCat

    My '70 SS454 build

    Beautiful Monte for sure! WOW you got some big number car shows in your area, I thought I was lucky with my last show with over 800 cars. And that included newish Mopars Corvettes and Mousestangs
  13. DragCat

    Another wheel and tire ?

    Yea James, thats going to be my direction, 15X8's 4.5BS with drag radials on the rear. Jegs has a we mount and balance too so I don't have to go to a local tire store. My buddy runs drag radials on his corvette and if he gets caught in the rain on the way to or home he says it can get pretty white knuckle driving. I'm pretty light on the gas pedal if it rains even with the BFG's lol
  14. DragCat

    MC454SS Vacuum Leak, or.....?

    Can't answer your specific question, sorry but will add Harbor Freight is your friend. Vacuum issues are a PITA so I would definitely get a gauge so you can get readings. Also get a digital temp gauge, you can read the temps off the exhaust manifold on each port. I say HF as I assume your not a mechanic by trade and their prices won't break the bank. I never remember a Holly hissing (which sounds like an air leak) but as with your original question hopefully someone with more experience can chime in
  15. DragCat


    Just saw this one listed, I know nothing about the car and didn't scrutinize the pics https://www.ebay.com/itm/1970-Chevrolet-Monte-Carlo/173897545201?hash=item287d19f5f1:g:oDMAAOSwU7Bcwig3