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  1. SS Haze

    Is it a secret?

    Let me know if you learn it, Mike. I'm in the same boat
  2. Great show made even better with Matt's car. Great work. Mike
  3. SS Haze

    How Bout Dem Eagles

    Quite a game last night. Of course, only Eagles fans would consider that a nail-biter. It sure's been a fun season to watch. Mike
  4. SS Haze

    Second Time Around

    Welcome, neighbor. Mike
  5. SS Haze

    Just bought my 1st Monte

    Welcome to both of you.
  6. SS Haze

    New Member from Austria, Europe

    Beautiful car. It must get a lot of attention. I visited Osterreich when I was a teenager. I spent 6 weeks in Lamprechthausen north of Salzburg. It was a great time. Mike
  7. SS Haze

    Christmas Present

    Merry belated Christmas All. My wife Sam got me a cool handmade sign. It's my license plate made out of old license plates. Local guy does all types of signs out of old license plates. And for all those who've been around a while, 12/26 was her 6th year anniversary of getting her kidney transplant. It's holding up great. Mike (& Sam)
  8. SS Haze

    SS Haze Pics

    1970 SS
  9. I suppose it's time. No salt has been put down in these parts yet though.
  10. SS Haze

    Hello everyone! Glad to be in the group!

    James, Welcome. Can't help with the code but it's been answered somewhere on here before. Mike
  11. Mike, Sounds good. I'll email you after the holiday.
  12. Hey all, I read the posts almost every day but haven't done many myself. Sam, my wife, finished chemo for ovarian cancer in the spring and it was a success. In June, my right bicep tendon tore off. I tell everyone it was from doing 300 pound curls at the gym but really it was picking up a tree branch. 6 weeks in a cast, 8 weeks in a brace and now I'm working out with 3 pounds weights. I can type with 2 hands at least now! I just wanted to thank the club for the thoughtful card and messages we got. It really makes a difference. I put a few hundred miles on the Monte in Sept/Oct. Always makes things seem better. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving (although you Canucks already had yours if I'm not mistaken). Mike (and Sam)
  13. SS Haze


  14. SS Haze

    57 Chevrolet

    Black is neat but that green really makes it stand out. Great looking car. Mike
  15. I just keep imagining that beast roaming the back roads of the Dutch countryside. You'll terrify the locals!!! Looks great, Wheel! Mike