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  1. dejh22

    Bucket Seat Covers.. Where to buy

    Dan looks awesome!
  2. dejh22

    SBC to BBC

    Thank you. The previous owner had a "Machine Shop" build the engine for him. I saw a video he took of the engine running with the caption "Breaking in the new cam"! By the sounds of it, something was "breaking"! I feel sorry for him really. He was so frustrated with the whole thing.
  3. dejh22

    SBC to BBC

    This is what happens when you run 3964290 closed chamber heads with open chamber domed pistons. Almost all the valves where hitting the pistons. With the combo they put together I think they were close to 12-1 compression. I think flat tops would of been a better choice! We have a replacement block and a set of open chamber heads with some small dome open chamber pistons. This engine is going back in a 70 Monte Carlo my son bought while he was home this summer.
  4. dejh22


    The fan should be inside the tunnel. I run a flex fan with a 2" spacer. I have the correct big block shroud with the tunnel. The tunnel is the same on small block and big block. I'm running a 180 thermostat. On a hot summer day my big block will run at about 190. Let me add that I just rebuilt the engine a year ago.
  5. dejh22


    Do you have a fan shroud? Do you have the bypass hose installed?
  6. dejh22

    rear seat back attachment bolts.

    Here. I think these are it. if Dan doesn't have any. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1968-72-GM-A-body-Chevelle-GTO-442-GS-Rear-Upper-Seat-Bolts-Washer-2pc-OEM/392089851970?epid=1651222344&hash=item5b4a605842:g:WUcAAOSwjNZbWkbI&vxp=mtr
  7. dejh22

    rear seat back attachment bolts.

    OOPS! Sorry. I misread it.
  8. dejh22

    rear seat back attachment bolts.

    Here is a link for you. https://www.ebay.com/itm/GM-SEAT-BELT-BOLT-1-1-2-LONG-FACTORY-CORRECT-GRADE-8-GOLD-CAD-PLATED-1pc-GM/161113363914?fits=Year%3A1970|Model%3AMonte+Carlo&epid=1334185907&hash=item25831ad5ca:g:gXgAAOSwRgJXhlfW&vxp=mtr
  9. dejh22

    SBC to BBC

    Would that be a 292 comp cam? We will be using that cam on our next build. What heads are you going with. 049 781.820? The last engine we did was a 396 with L2242 pistons with 38 CC domes and 820 heads. The 820's are 113 cc chamber. This combo gives us about 10.25 to 1 compression. It has the 280 comp cam. Just got the 396 running again today. Seems the machine shop had a bad batch of valve guide seals and the engine was a little "Smokey".
  10. dejh22

    Smoking/Black Tailpipe

    How many miles on the engine? Can not tell by the picture is it "sticky" or is it "sooty"? Could be a carb running rich or valve guides or valve seals. I'm been dealing with the same problem. I pulled my intake only to find puddles of oil in most the head intake ports. So I just pulled the heads and back to the machine shop they went. The engine only has a few hundred miles on it. We are thinking a problem with the valve guides. Will know for sure in a couple days.
  11. dejh22

    New rebuilt 396 smokes right side

    Heads are off and going to be installing another set after I have them gone thru. We believe it is the valve guides leaking past the outside of the valve guide (between the guide and head).
  12. Not mine, just sharing https://www.ebay.com/itm/-/352371415796?roken=cUgayN
  13. Just google these "Molding Fasteners 8400". I have used these before.
  14. dejh22

    Big Block Aluminum Heads

    I was told that the aluminum heads are taller where the valve cover sits. The lip around the top is raised. I do have the aftermarket Edellbrock valve covers. If this is true I won't be able to get the cover on. Smaller booster like you said might help, Sorry I wasn't more clear on the original post.Thanks for the reply.
  15. dejh22

    Big Block Aluminum Heads

    Just wanted to know if anyone is running aluminum heads on their big block? I'm asking because the stock heads I have now the driver side valve cover is a tight fit because of the brake booster. Thanks