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  1. Ian

    FGMCC Website?????

    Just a quick update the access to the site should have gotten better the last week or so. We are moving the site to a new server shortly but the site not found should have stopped for the time being.
  2. Ian

    FGMCC Website?????

    Sorry guys as Aaron said above we are working on it. Should have it resolved this week. The details are that the company (one guy) that was hosting the site decided he did not want to be a host anymore but did not let all his customers know We are working as fast as we can to move to a new server and will also be making the site not secure go away. One thing you can do till we get the site moved if you know how to change you DNS settings on your computer is to point to the google DNS server at otherwise just hang tight and we will get it fixed
  3. Ian

    TH350 troubles... Time for 200 4R/700R4?

    It is new, or at least it was 15 years ago
  4. Ian

    TH350 troubles... Time for 200 4R/700R4?

    My TH400 leaks at the front seal too, I replaced it years ago and it still leaks, my transmission guy said the next time I replace it to also replace the bushing for the torque converter in the pump.
  5. Ian

    Members's page

    Hmm I see it on both my desktop and on the phone.. Click here http://www.firstgenmc.com/forums/index.php?/online/
  6. Ian

    Members's page

    On the mobile version it is at the bottom of the page, and on a desktop it is on the right side.
  7. Ian

    Adding Pictures To Your Post

    Great write up Rob! Thanks for the help explaining it better than I could.
  8. Ian

    BBC fan for 71 SS

    I have never really had the truck "loaded". With the 5.3 and the big radiator they are actually overkill because it runs around 208 going down the highway and the fans don't even come on unless I have the A/C on. Sitting in traffic with the A/C on they keep it around the same temp. On my 71 with the big block I have a copper 4 core radiator and the stock clutch fan and it runs right a 192-198 all day.
  9. Ian

    BBC fan for 71 SS

    I used these in my LS swapped C10 and they work great! They are a little louder than I was hoping but cool it good... https://www.summitracing.com/parts/der-16838
  10. Ian

    my budget LS biuld

    Yeah it still has 2.56 open diff and will smoke the "tire" from a 30mph roll
  11. Ian

    Fuel injection kit

    Checkout this thread it is long but has some great information in it
  12. Ian

    test add a picture

    It will depend on what format the video is in, some will play inline others will be links.
  13. Ian

    my budget LS biuld

    Looks great how do you like the power of the 5.3 in the Monte? I have one in an 84 C10 and it is great!
  14. Ian

    1970 project

    Wow that came out great!
  15. Ian

    A few of the toys...

    Nice bunch of cars!