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  1. What a shame no rust at all. Nice find!!! Hey Dennis as i said many times, get her done!!! Ohh and you have till June 2024 to have her done!!! LOL
  2. Yes All our friends and neighbor's be careful this storm is nothing to take for granted, stay safe everyone!
  3. I also think like Mike, its the back of the a/c compressor! If it was a brown wire it would go to the proportioning valve like Tom stated.
  4. willie

    Jury Duty

    First time I was called way back, never made it to be interviewed, but had to stay until the day was done. Second time i had Covid, so i am waiting to hear from them any week now. However, i agree with Rob, when it's your time, it's your time!!
  5. I love the shirt!!! Which one Dennis?? Between you and Joe, you guys have most of them!! LOL Heck, i wish i had half of them, but i Love them ALL!!! LOL
  6. Nice job Glen!!!! You know you can pre-register and do it over the phone, that would be cool!!! Dennis i am surprised that you wouldn't tell Glen that. Maybe too busy printing those checks!! LOL
  7. Welcome Bob!!! Is that color "burnt orange"? Love that color combo!! Yes as Steve states All of you Florida guys and girls be safe of that weather on your way!!
  8. Dennis all i had the time for was to put the Mopar posi additive in the rear. I have not had time to road test it yet. That was todays (first thing) to do. It rained as you know, i am a jerk. My stuff doesn't come out in the rain. Bad part about it i am not going to have time till next week, hopefully!!!
  9. Got up early today to take the 72 out for a road test to check the rear. Going to rain so thats out!!! 60-90% chance is way to high for me. Going back in to see what is going on with the 71. Looks like we all have the same bracket (good thing). But the cable body is NOT long enough to reach the bracket (this is the problem). Everyone says the engine should always be in the same spot. (Not original motor or tranny). Its a 73 P/U or RV motor. So to me the only thing left will be the acc cable itself must be to short. It was used, but marked BB, maybe just mismarked (my guess (hope)). Even though it the body was an inch longer then the one that was on the car (that didnt fit either) and the cable itself was 2 inches longer. I cant get the body of the cable to mount into the bracket.????? Thanks for the help and posting of the pic Dennis and Tom!!
  10. willie

    EL 72.

    OK what does EL 72 mean then???
  11. Dennis you can post the pic i have sent you to show the members what i am having the problem with. Tkx for all the help Dennis!!
  12. LOL You are right Mark, I started this morning and then my daughter stopped over with my grandson. Downhill from there! I tried to talk him into helping me with the Monte, he said sure. We went in the greenhouse and he played with every tool i had on the bench. I told him that i needed a hand to get the acc cable out, he said ok POP POP and walked out for something else to do. LOL At that point i had to stop. But i got something done. I now know the cable doesn't fit!!!!! LOL Hopefully i can get some Monte time tomm, even though i have a 9;30 am soccer game for a different grandson!!! Life is good (sometimes) LOL
  13. Does anyone know if there are different brackets to hold the acc cable to the carb. Starting to put this 71 SS together and the cable seems to be too short. I have a NOS cable "in stock" its body is an inch longer, and the cable is 2 inches longer. I changed it and the cable seems to fit on carb, but the body of the cable still does not reach the bracket. So i am guessing there is a different bracket, or the engine must be too far forward? What do you guys think???
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