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  1. All i can say Dennis, is Karen is a keeper. There is no way i would get away with that!!! Looking Good!!!!!
  2. Glen love your car color, those pics and your plate!!!!
  3. Brew i painted mine black satin. Hopefully someone with more knowledge will chime in for conformation
  4. Mike you are a savior, I have the (last pic) black plug on left side. I NEED the white plug on. I have to go through all the stuff that came with the car, maybe i will get lucky. LOL Mike do you have an extra one in case i don't find it? Tkx Mike for the info, and everyone's help
  5. Mike great pics and i can see them working, but thats not what i have. Do you have a pic of what those two plug into? Are they extensions to the main plug? My plug has eight wires and it is straight across. Hopefully they are ext and i can buy them because this car does not have them. Thank You
  6. Does anyone have a pic of the plug that goes into the nutreal safety switch in the console? Not the column. My plug is straight and the N/S switch is curved?
  7. Ok the book that i have is wrong. Pauls forth number is 0 for 70 Dennis your forth is 1 for a 71 My forth is 2 for a 72 That leaves three numbers, and they are for options but last number has to be an even number for our Auto/Tranny (odd for manual) i got it now, Thanks to Paul and Dennis for the info. The book that i have doesnt specify the year for the forth digit. Tkx for the info guys
  8. Dennis so what you are saying your 7041200 is the correct carb for the your 71 SS is, and the 7047116 is also? just different options in this carb?
  9. What are the correct numbers for the rochester carbs (all 3 years)? This is what i have '70 ? '71= 7047116 '72= 7046908 This refrence book that i have has to be wrong. Am i right by saying that? The carb i have on my '72= 7042220 is this correct? Tkx I forgot to add that i am looking for BB 454 numbers Tkx
  10. Steve i am going to Carlisle next week if you need me to shuttle them for a club member, just let me know.
  11. I agree with Aaron, not for our cars. Headlight, taillight, or maybe a dash piece (early impala)????? Hopefully someone else may chime in and let us know of this mystery.
  12. I think they are cool!!!! I can remember seeing them on other makes of cars and thought that was cool back then also.
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