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  1. That would be great Rob. Nice work!!!! I would love to see this happen.
  2. willie

    New too Group

    Welcome Jerry!!! Nice 4 speed.
  3. Thanks for all the help guys, I will try to get them tomm
  4. Thanks guys I will try them.
  5. Joe, I might have to call you. Tom and Antoine I have been looking and haven't seen any yet, (haven't tried tonight yet) Steve I have many in stock 😂 but none worthy of putting on the car. Does anyone refurbish these? I thought the Parts Place did, but I called them today and they DO NOT. UUGGGGG After checking in here I will go back to ebay with my fingers crossed. lol
  6. Does anyone know where I can get a good complete set for all the trim mldg, at one time? Thanks
  7. I am looking for both door trim mldgs, and trim mldgs for both sides of 1/4 in front of wheel. Thanks
  8. As you guys know i am building my 72 custom, I am looking for all my trim mldgs. How many of these clips do i need to put on the side mldgs, and do i need any other clips to install the other mldgs? The above pics i think are for the mldgs from behind front tire to the front of the rear tire. How many totally do i need? These i think, are for the wide strip in the rear. How many more of these do i need? And where can i get these and/or part #s? Thanks
  9. Welcome Ronnie!!! Nice combo. A lot of work, but if she runs at least you can drive her as you work on her. Good Luck on the build.
  10. Hello everyone, I have a question on (under the hood) paint. I would think it should be black satin. Problem is the firewall was painted body color (should be black satin). The top of the cowl from the right to the left, Where the wipers are is already painted Gloss black. Question is, how is it going to look when I open the hood and under the hood is painted black Satin and the wiper cowl is painted black gloss. Should I paint under the hood black Gloss, or even body color to make up for that mistake? What do you guys think? I am not on my regular comp so I have no pics to show you guys, sorry. Thanks
  11. willie

    New Guy Here

    Looks real good Joe, Nice job!!!!!!
  12. Niiiice Job!!! She is beautiful!!!!
  13. Welcome!!!! She looks great!!!
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