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  1. Kevin, what a beautiful trio of cars!! They are beautiful!!!
  2. Very cool Bruce!!! Extremely cool car, she is beautiful!!!!
  3. Congrats Rob!!! Yes a great bunch of nice cars and trucks!!
  4. You have less time to drive any of them now then you had last year!! lol
  5. willie

    Monte Photo

    Nice pics Rob, the Car looks fantastic!!! Rain, rain, rain, what we do for out Grandkids!!!
  6. LOL or you can give Dennis a shout!!! LOL
  7. Hey Dan, Welcome to the club!!! You see them on e bay now and then. But if you want repo try The Parts Place!!
  8. Hey Matt welcome to the club!!! I see you already on your way to getting great info from Joe! He and a few dozen guys are always on call to help with any questions you have, so just ask away!!! Alot of knowledge here and all willing to help!!
  9. Good Luck Bob!!! Another friend of mine just had it done. They kept postponing it because he was 56 years old. They wanted him to make the 60s!! He is in the 3rd week after surgery and he walking without any crutches. Hope it goes as smooth for you Rob!!
  10. Hey Mike i have seen them on e bay and market place from $50-$100, but not sure if they sold as i am not in the market for one.
  11. Mark we might have to send Dennis for a paternity test??? lol
  12. Looks Great Steve!! First pic looks like rain?? Second looks like it was a fantastic day!!!
  13. Dennis what happens after he gives you that amount of cash, do you then pay the security guards??? lol
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