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  1. Nice backdrop! Keeping the oil up in the cylinders is good for the car and the soul!
  2. Hey lasts, do you still have the dynomax sign?
  3. The coast side looks good. A little hard to tell on the drive side. With that being the only for sure way to rest easy before sealing it up is to put a dial indicator on it so you know your within the .008 - .010 spec. Keep up the good work its really coming along! 👍
  4. I seen it on their website. Thanks for posting the final results and glad it sold for you!
  5. If it's a 10 bolt the ring gear is 8.2. If it's a 12 bolt the ring gear is 8.875. Dont skimp on the business end of the car! I did the exact set up your looking to do last winter. New Eaton Posi & US GEAR 3.31's plus master install kit from Summit Racing for about $950 bucks. Super smooth operation. 3.31's are the best blend between performance and cruisability in my opinion.
  6. Had some rust repair done. Vinyl top was trapping water. Repair & paint turned out great!
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