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  1. So do you only have one that has the original box?
  2. Usually these came as accessory kits to install the complete unit into a car that did not come with one. I am wondering if that is what is in the Pontiac box, or are these all just the blower fans?
  3. So, they are just the fans and not the rest of the parts needed for this accessory?
  4. Can you post a picture of one of them?
  5. Great video, thanks for sharing.
  6. Looking good. Welcome to the Club.👍
  7. I use SEM Landau Black 15013 on many interior parts. It looks fantastic. The SEM Satin Black # is 15243 and the SEM Gloss Black # is 15233. All three of these paints are flexible and can be used on interior parts.
  8. You should have said that you were looking to purhase one. I have some of these for sale.
  9. I too would say the black style is correct.
  10. In the ebay ad in the link below, it has a bucket like your with the over spray on it that was supposed to have come from a 1972 NOVA. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1968-1972-NOVA-HEADLIGHT-HEAD-LIGHT-MOUNT-BUCKET-CHEVELLE-CAMARO-1969-1970-1971/233193765811?fits=Year%3A1970|Model%3AMonte+Carlo&hash=item364b6e7bb3:g:b1gAAOSwRJpbcjQj
  11. I can tell you this, the Black one is the same as what is used on 71/72 Chevelle and Elcamino, so it may be from a 72 Monte Carlo. I do not have any from a 70 Monte Carlo to compare with. A 70 Monte Carlo may have used the style you have with the overspray. I am not sure on that.
  12. The rear windows for a 70-72 do not have the lines on them. A rear defogger for a 70-72 is mounted into the rear deck where the package tray is, it just pushes air across the window. Just a small motor that blows air. Shown is a unit for a 1970 Monte Carlo.
  13. Did the 350 cubic inch, 300 horse power cars have the resonators? Both of my 70 Chevelle 350 300 HP cars have them. Both were built in CA.
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