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  1. I thought I saw a Monte while watching. I just started watching myself.
  2. You are correct, you do not use that connector on your A/C equipped car.
  3. The white connector goes to the heater box on a non A/C car. It plugs in on the top of the heater box. Do you have A/C? If not it will not be used. The other wires look like they are speaker wires.
  4. I just re sent you a Private Message.
  5. I have a nice one here, but I can not send any pictures right now. My camera battery just ran out. I am charging it now. Pictures and price will be Private Messaged to you in the morning. Thank you, Dan
  6. I should have a few to chose from. I will check in the morning and PM you.
  7. That car is a mess. I agree, it does not appear to be a SS car. Looks to be a small block tach with a 5,000 red line.
  8. Try bending the tabs on the bulb socket outward slightly. This will put more pressure against the printed circuit board. It may solve the problem.
  9. Wow. You do not see them like that everyday. Neat car.
  10. To the people that recently contacted me about purchasing center caps and trim rings. I have been just to busy to get back to you on this. I will take care of it tomorrow. Never enough hours in a day. Sorry for the delay.
  11. If you are looking for a set of caps, Private Message me. I have nice used caps and also NOS GM caps for sale.
  12. They should say Chevrolet Motor Division. Bowtie caps are reproductions.
  13. This item has been SOLD. Thanks Ron. It will be going to the Post office soon. I will Private Message you the Tracking # when I get back. Thanks again; Dan.
  14. Ron, I sent you an email with all the shipping details.
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