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  1. If you do have a 3963512 block you will want to compare the partial vin number on the pad behind the alternator to the full vin number that is in front of your dash pad on the drivers side. The last six numbers on the full vin tag should match the partial vin stamped on the engine block.
  2. For a 1970 car with a 454 the block casting number should be 3963512. Some 1969 427 cars also used a 3963512 block. 1971 cars with a 454 also used a 3963512 block. If you do not have a block with the 3963512 casting number, you do not have a correct 454 for the car. You may not even have a 454. If you have a block with a 6969854 casting number you have a 402 engine. To determine if a 512 block is correct for your car, one way to determine this is by the 3 letter code on the pad on the engine block. This pad is located behind the alternator. CRN would be a correct code for a 1970 Monte Carlo.
  3. Yes, the 10 ohm speakers are a must. I could be wrong on the antenna, but it would not hurt to have one installed.
  4. Are you sure that it is a 454, and not a 402 car? Does it have a 512 block?
  5. Be sure to use an antenna when testing the radio. Pretty sure you can cause damage to the radio without one.
  6. That is not the correct one for his radio. His radio is a 4 speaker system that requires a different plug with 9 terminals.
  7. Pretty sure that I have seen them for sale on ebay. They were reproductions at a decent price. When you figure out what you want for it, please send me a Private Message.
  8. Something does not seem right here. Listed 17 days ago. Appears to be a GREAT deal. Why has it not sold?
  9. Great job. I like it. 👍
  10. Sorry about that here is the link. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1969-1970-1971-1972-Chevelle-Gto-Cutlass-Bucket-Seats/183814962546
  11. I was not able to come up with a seat that had a switch still mounted to it, but I did find a picture on ebay that should help. I will post the link to it. The plastic fastener on the wire attached to the switch mounts to the seat frame. It pushes into a hole in the frame. If you need more info just ask.
  12. I will see if I have a seat that still has one installed on it.
  13. If you need one of these switches you can Private Message me to purchase one. I have some extras.
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