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  1. I was wondering where you guys and girls are getting new electric power window motors for a 70? Thanks. Jeff In nj
  2. I'm going from bench to buckets. Leo said i have to turn the brackets in towards console a bit cause the door would hit the seat.IT would stick out if i used the bench outside bracket location.
  3. Does any one have a picture or diagram of where the power seat brackets mount to the floor. Manual buckets I have but need the dimensions or advice where to put brackets. Thanks for any help. Jeff in n.j.
  4. Hey guys, looking for an original 4 speed big block radiator for a chevelle/ Monte. 1970. Jeff in n.j. Also the 4 core top plate for same with a/c.
  5. Darren, Jeff in New Jersey. I would take two sets at that price. Thanks
  6. I’m installing power bucket seats on both sides. How does all the wiring install on both seats.Does anyone have the factory wiring for both sides and maybe a factory diagram. Jeff in n.j. By the way, this is for a 70.
  7. does anyone have a bb 4 speed radiator they'd like to sell for my 70? jeff in n.j.
  8. anyone have a nos drivers door latch assembly they'd sell to me for my 70? jeff in n.j.
  9. they did not make many 71 classic copper ss montes, you have to change that guys mind and have him sell it to dave from staten island. even if you give him $ 5,000 its worth it.
  10. Hey Jarod, Jeff in nj. I have some parts that have to be sent. I think we were trying to figure out what fuel pump to send for my 70 402. Also there were other parts like rear chrome pieces and the wood grain dash. Jeff. I’ll call you later
  11. just noticed that it is a wagner master so it was changed in its life. does the bb monte use the same 409 master that the 70 bb chevelles used?
  12. hey guys, what was the original master cylinder number for a 70 monte carlo with a 402? did it have the 409 at the end of the part number cast into the cylinder? i thought it had the 409 like the bb chevelle my number on the master is 5599311 the casting date is 225 of 1969 my car was built first week of september so the master is july 15 which should line up. just didn't know if 311 was the original for a 70 bb monte. anyone know?
  13. can you guys recommend some people or companies move a car from stuart florida to new jersey enclosed? thanks jeff
  14. Mike. I can’t go but can you send me some pics to luztree@hotmail.com. It’s rustfree? Also how much do you need for it?
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