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  1. Thank you rob. That hose is the original hose from my 70 402 Monte.
  2. Hey guys. Where does one buy a factory looking ac hose? Jeff in new jersey
  3. What adapter do you guys use to fit a factory quadrajet air cleaner to a Holley? Also with not hitting hood.
  4. Does anyone know of a person who is good and could transform my Monte into a convertible? Jeff in nj
  5. I put the tru trac in because of you.
  6. I just put a tru track in my Monte with 3:73 but with the tremec 5 speed so the revs should be good at highway speed. It also has a 496
  7. Thanks Tom, thought it was the same part.
  8. I bought them. You don’t see many Monte carlos with the door edge molding. I think it looks good
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