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  1. Did he dip the grill and chrome the whole thing and then you did your detail work? Or does he chrome the parts individually?
  2. I did find one in california but was gonna buy another for inventory.
  3. I had to recheck myself. It was definitely the passenger side. You found me the creased one on eBay last week.
  4. That ad is for 3974201. That’s the one that’s easy to get.I had to pay through the nose for the 3974202.
  5. Look at the pic of my Holley in my posts on my car and look at the difference in quality.
  6. Dennis, if you want your carb rebuilt by the best, call eric from vintage muscle car parts. He is hands down the best on quads and Holleys and your carb would look and perform perfectly. Eric: (937)836-1885
  7. Dennis, where did you get your new headliner from? Jeff
  8. Tom, do you have that eBay number for ad? I could only find the dented one.
  9. I think it looks good. I just got the nos trim for under the passenger headlight in today. And the rocker trim for the passenger side. That was tough to find.That nos grill hurt my portfolio a lot also.
  10. Where’s the best place to redo seatbelts in my 70 or buy new ones? Thanks. Jeff
  11. Those original” tires and wheels I bought from you are gonna look awesome on the old girl.
  12. Gotta recover front buckets and rear bench. Waiting for material to get back from sms.
  13. Jeff in nj, does anyone have a 3974202 right side Nos trim for sale?
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