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Tach wire/grommet location - 70 Van Nuys build?

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Can anybody with a 70 Monte (Van Nuys build) with the U14 gauge cluster please tell me where the brown tach wire/grommet should go through the firewall?

I'm upgrading from warning lights to the U14 gauge cluster and just want to confirm the firewall location before I start drilling. 

I was able to confirm the same location above the accelerator cable for a 70 Flint and 71 Baltimore, however, a friend's 70 Chevelle (Arlington build) uses a different hole.  See below pics.



70 Flint build.jpeg

70 Chevelle - Arlington build.JPG

71 Baltimore build.jpeg

Tach wire grommet.JPG

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I drilled one here for my 71 Oshawa built 350 4BBL, No A/C and it fit fine.

I think there was a dimple, long time ago......

Good luck!



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IMO. I would go through any existing hole that has a plug in it. The cluster your going with is not original to the car so why drill any more holes in a very clean firewall. If you were to go back to original you would than have an extra hole to plug. Like I said IMO. 

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Thank you to everyone for your responses... I'm leaning towards drilling the grommet hole at the "dimple" spot above the accelerator cable which is same for Flint and Baltimore.  The assembly manual appears to confirm this, although it is hard to read.   I considered using an existing hole for just the wire, but would hate remove the grommet and not utilize it.   

I would be very appreciative if anybody with a 70 Monte (Van Nuys build) could confirm where their tach wire is routed.   

The wire wire - harness above the accelerator cable is the TH400 kickdown switch harness (RPO M40). 


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