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Looking for 12 bolt type 3 carrier

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I have my stock 2.73 gears with a factory posi, but I want to find a type 3 carrier.

I'm running taller tires in the rear and with the Big Block I'm installing in my 72, I want to lower the gear ratio.





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  • 72 Monte Carlo changed the title to Looking for 12 bolt type 3 carrier

Oh, Do I know tight budgets. You'll find one but, it's going to need new springs and clutch packs, bearings, ring gear bolts too. You can buy what you need from Ron and probably save money not  piecing it out. You can also check with him to see if he does have a OEM unit . He's very good to learn what you need. Helped me a bunch, especially on the Yukon Carrier.

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Search eBay for a seller Staticz2229  (Quick Performance Racing).  I bought an Eaton True-trac, Richmond ring and pinion, and install kit for $675.    Or, they also sell a new Eaton limited slip carrier only for $345.

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I ended up buying a brand new series 3 Yukon posi and complete install kit from Staticz2229. 

I just need to finish installing the inner valve springs on my big block and finish the little bit of body work yet to do on it, and then primer, block and sand, primer, paint and clear coat. After that I'll be ready to install the posi, gears, etc.

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