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Nice try, we all know you have the ability to delete posts But I admit I fell for it. 

In the words of Ron White, I know I have the right to remain silent, I just don't have the ability 


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15 hours ago, cny first gen 71 said:

Great idea 💡 is this going to be members only?

Yes Steve, this is a place that we are going to use to put information out there for FGMCC sanctioned mini-meets. Idea being they don't really fit in the other 'EVENT' categories such as Eastern, Western, and Local shows.  Prime examples are the Carlisle mini meet in a few months and the Syracuse meet a month after that. As always, all dues-paying members are invited and encouraged to come enjoy the festivities. Due to insurance restrictions, non-members would not be able to assemble with the group at the show field. Easy to remedy though, simply become a full member and enjoy the benefits of membership.

Added benefits to attending these meets are usually accompanied by some type of club negotiated hotel rate reduction, as we're going to enjoy this year at Syracuse thanks to C.K. and Rob. Again, this would only be offered to full members.

Also added was a link on the Forums 'Event'  toolbar to reference this, and dates will be added to the Event Calendar as well. I'll tweak a few things along the way, but this was just to get the ball rolling. Any comments and suggestions are welcome here too.


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13 hours ago, DragCat said:

Just a question, if its members only read privileges why can I see the thread without logging in ? 

It's members only to attend the events.

Just like the other FGMCC  event related sections, anyone can read them. That's by design. If non-members have access to read all the details, they may learn enough about the event and decide they want to attend & join up as full members.

Sorry if that wasn't clear earlier & hopefully it makes sense now. Additionally, if it was for 'members only' to view, we would have listed it under one of those thread sections dedicated to 'Members only'.

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