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  1. I always thought the gaskets where a 70 only thing.
  2. Rumour has it that the L was on the cowl tag for all Canadian SS montes. I have seen both with and with out. From my understanding Baltimore had the L on all big block cars, not just Monte's.
  3. Vaughn

    New Guy Here

    Welcome Joe, very nice 72 you have. Love the driveway seal coat, lol
  4. Vaughn

    Another new guy

    Welcome Greg, congrats on your new purchase
  5. Vaughn

    Hello MC Lovers!

    Welcome Travis, great story. Thanks for sharing the cool photo
  6. Vaughn


    Those look in nice shape Doug, sent a pm
  7. Vaughn

    My '70 SS454 build

    WOW what a beautiful Monte, Glad your enjoying it Dan
  8. Vaughn

    Stock Exhaust Sysem for SS454

    Superb attention to detail Joe, car is looking awesome!!
  9. Vaughn

    Stock Exhaust Sysem for SS454

    I have used Gardner on 4 different Monte restorations and the fit is perfect. Might be a little more expensive, but you know what your going to get. A perfect factory reproduction with zero hassles
  10. Vaughn


    Looks great Doug, very good idea
  11. Vaughn

    New member from East Tennessee

    I am a little late, but welcome to the FGMCC
  12. Vaughn

    1972 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Custom

    Good luck Doug, Pewter is my favorite color!!! Would look great next to your beautiful Custom
  13. Sad to say but in my opinion, its a parts car
  14. Vaughn

    old/new member

  15. Vaughn

    not a monte but.....

    Met up with Darren today and saw the new ride in person, very nice!!