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  1. Vaughn

    Not having a great day today ...

    Hi Mike, my buddy says hagerty is first class and will go up to 100% of the insured value if you want it fixed, at least up here in Canada
  2. Vaughn

    Not having a great day today ...

    That is a bad day Mike, sorry to hear about your Monte but glad to hear that you are fine. As far as insurance i THINK if you have full replacement value on the car, they will repair the car if the repairs are around 80% of the value, and they can waver a little on this if you push them. If it is a write off, you have the option of buying it back at a value they set. I am meeting a friend of mine tonight who is an insurance adjuster, I will ask him what the standard procedure is.
  3. Vaughn

    Meet Maxine

    Welcome to you and your beautiful Monte
  4. Vaughn

    Bucket Seat Covers.. Where to buy

    Very talented members at the FGMCC, look at those beautiful interiors
  5. Vaughn

    Black or white shifter ball?

    I believe Dan is correct on this, every 4 speed I have seen is as he said
  6. Very cool, and whats the chances he lives in BC??
  7. Vaughn

    Monty 2018

    Very, Very nice Dale. You did have a very productive year.
  8. Vaughn

    Better Call Saul

    Can anyone tell me which episode it is?
  9. Vaughn

    71 SS

    Joe, wow amazing restoration!!! Life has not allowed me much time on the site the last couple of years, but I just read all 6 pages of your rebuild. Once completed, you are going to have one beautiful Monte. Keep the pictures coming
  10. Vaughn

    Batt Cables

    Great info everyone. Thanks for the part numbers Dan
  11. Vaughn

    Which One and Why

    I had my 1971 350 4 speed (no power steering) at the Western Meet in Grass valley, CA. The cruise had lots of hills. Mark was behind me during the cruise, I had to tell him to stay way back at the stop signs that are on a incline.😅
  12. Vaughn

    Which One and Why

    #1- 1971 402 4 speed. #2 - 1970 402 4 speed #3 -any 70/71 small block 4 speed, just because you can never have enough 4 speeds, lol #4 -1972 W code custom
  13. Vaughn

    Still Around

    Good to see you back Andy
  14. Vaughn

    Hello from Cheyenne

    Welcome Pete, nice looking collection. Thanks for sharing the pictures
  15. Vaughn

    Back in the Saddle...

    Welcome back, beautiful Monte