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  1. Andy's Auto

    Rear gear

    With the pitting on the ring gear, those are pretty much scrap.
  2. Andy's Auto

    10-12 bolt posi

    8.5s are tough to come by but they are a lower cost alternative to a 12 bolt. I just pulled an 8.5 3.23 posi out of a 72 Buick Skylark Custom. It was a 350-2 barrel so I have to assume all the 70-up Buicks.
  3. Andy's Auto

    1970 Monte Carlo SS 454 For Sale

    Beautiful car, sir.
  4. Andy's Auto

    Thoughts on this 70 454 SS

    I like the fact that it was a customer who sat down and checked the boxes for what he/she wanted. Even if what they wanted was a whole lotta green. Just a little question. Does a T60 HD battery mean that it was side post from GM?
  5. Just did the Anco conversion on my 70 454 Chevelle. Works unbelievably well and you don't get that plastic breaking click like the original.
  6. Andy's Auto

    Which One and Why

    1971 SS454. When I was a young warthog, a guy who owned an arcade had three cars. A 71 Ss454, a 72 W Custom, and a Sinatra Stubby. My bud bought the 71, another got the Custom, and the old guy kept the Mini Caddy. I actually built a clone of the 71. Five years ago, the actual 71 showed up for sale in Georgia. Sold the clone and I have that car. The 72, with its multitude of greenness was parted out after a crash in 2005. I got the engine and the power windows.
  7. Andy's Auto

    Front A Arms for street/strip

    One of my old employees works in the plant that builds them. https://checkeredracing.shopsettings.com/64-72-GM-A-Body-Tubular-Control-Arms-p116157587
  8. Andy's Auto

    Still Around

    Kinda funny. I just took off the 4 inch sewer pipes and the Centerlines for an American Thunder exhaust and stock rallyes. The poor car sat for a couple of years and now it is time to get it cleaned up, go through the engine, and figure out why the blower isn't working.
  9. Andy's Auto

    Not Monte Related

    Rob, every time I get one of those manifolds in, I ask the customer if they have had recent headaches. The carbon monoxide gets picked up by the air conditioner. Very common problem on the 2.4s on any GM platform.
  10. Andy's Auto

    Still Around

    And still have her. My 71 496 car. About to go back under the knife after getting the snot beat out of her for the last ten years. Not my fastest car, not my nicest car, but my favorite car.
  11. Andy's Auto

    Front A Arms for street/strip

    Jared, check out Checkered Racing. Just bought a set for my 70 Chevelle. Bolt ins for $400. Nice stuff, built in Tenessee
  12. Andy's Auto

    Electrical Nightmare

    I get alternators my parts guy calls the swamp buggy units. One wire and done, as long as you wire the big fatty on the post on the rear of the unit directly to the battery. Never been a fan of amp gauges. Even my restored 70 SS454 Chevelle is not wired for the factory amp gauge.
  13. Andy's Auto

    T-shirt on Ebay PSA

    Because 71 is the coolest anyway.
  14. I have a customer with a 67 Eldorado. It is identical.
  15. Andy's Auto

    wiring problems

    Def goes to neutral safety switch. On a column shift car it goes to the switch on the base of the column and plugs in to the left of the reverse light connector. On a floor shift auto it hooks to the same switch, but it moves to the shifter, and you need an extension harness to connect it.