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  1. cny first gen 71

    Interior brake pedal pad

    My 71 non ss didnt have it when I got it and it was worn pretty bad so I assume it was orig. I replaced it with the same.
  2. cny first gen 71

    New Member I think

    I used a satin clear on mine, it came out way better than the first time I did it without the clear.
  3. cny first gen 71

    Tip over jig

    I gotta ask, how heavy is that when your lowering it down?
  4. cny first gen 71


    Yup cheep chineese junk. Glad you got it
  5. cny first gen 71


    I got mine at advanced auto parts didnt have a problem with it even with original thermostat housing.
  6. cny first gen 71


    I have heard of them cracking if its the wrong thermostat its not sitting in properly or even if there is a piece of dirt or old gasket on them. It is a flat gasket on oe type. I may still have the oe one I took off my car if you need one, I'll have to check for sure. the thermostat fits down into a groove in the manifold.
  7. cny first gen 71

    tough post..........

    Sorry to hear this Darren, keep positive you'll be in our thoughts.
  8. cny first gen 71

    Vacation photo

    Found this while I am down here. 1940 ford 100 percent original 22k miles perfect shape. Its for sale butb I didn't even ask the price.
  9. cny first gen 71

    71 Monte carlo SS 454

    Welcome Rick, thats a nice looking car you have there.
  10. cny first gen 71

    Vacation photo

    I know there used to be a section with club shirts from vacations but couldnt find it so heres mine anyhow from the gulf of Mexico, Clearwater Florida.
  11. cny first gen 71

    New Member I think

    Yup thats it
  12. cny first gen 71

    New Member I think

    The stuff I used was more like a bubble wrap with a foil coating, I'll try and get a picture of it before I leave for Florida tomorrow.
  13. cny first gen 71

    Who am I?

    This story sounds like I have heard it before Welcome Bruce. Time for you to be Monte of the month
  14. cny first gen 71

    New Member I think

    Frost king something or other. Its been so long I really don't remember. It comes in rolls in roofing dept. Its almost like a foil coated bubble wrap. I have a partial roll left but the labels are long gone. I put it down with spray glue.
  15. cny first gen 71

    Water drips under dashboard...

    Not on my Monte but on my 2003 GMC 2500 I have same thing only on drivers side. I just had the windshield changed a month ago but we really haven't had any real bad rain yet, just snow so I'll have to wait and see.