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  1. cny first gen 71

    2019 Carlisle Mini-Meet

    Have fun everyone and safe trips to all. Can't make this years but I'll be there next year. Have an adult beverage for me
  2. cny first gen 71

    Northeast Mini Meet at the Syracuse Nationals

    Woo hoo I can't wait, a little over a month until the show and 4 months and 7 days until I retire (not that im counting) gonna be a blast.
  3. cny first gen 71

    Front U & L Control arms - Torque specs

    Do you mean lower fronts? the orig were 5/16-18 bolts and clip nuts that attached to lower a frame. Not sure if aftermarket would be different.
  4. cny first gen 71

    Monte Pull Behind Problem

    That could of been very bad, glad your ok. Fix thst baby up thats a real cool trailer
  5. cny first gen 71

    Body Trim

    I've also used a product called ez1 its a synthetic lubricant and works great on everything I've used it on. Its a little expensive but worth it.
  6. cny first gen 71

    what kind of air cleaner filter?

    Oh yea I forgot to mention I have an oversized air cleaner 14x3 got nice air flow
  7. cny first gen 71

    what kind of air cleaner filter?

    I use Purolator in mine, never had a problem. Mine is small block with aftermarket air cleaner.
  8. cny first gen 71

    Body Trim

    Pb blaster does seem to work better in my opinion.
  9. cny first gen 71

    Build sheets

    When I worked for Olds back in 73 I had to switch over several cars that came in without power steering to power steering. We would just go out to lot and find one with it and switch it over, it was mostly on the Omegas. It's not a real hard job.
  10. cny first gen 71

    driving lights / flasher lights k

    Do you mean the rear side marker lights? I'm pretty sure they dont flash at all but the fronts will flash with turn signals and pretty sure they do with 4 way flashers too.
  11. cny first gen 71

    Original Master Cylinder rebuild

    First off I would change the master with a new one not a rebuilt and save the old one for a later rebuild, bench bleed it before you put it on. Gravity bleed the system then get help to properly bleed it out then see where you are. Then go from there. Rebuild or reman master cylinders are usually junk right out of the box. I learned that working in a brake shop for 15 years.
  12. cny first gen 71

    New member

    Nice looking car Allan, sounds good too. Welcome to the site
  13. cny first gen 71

    Fuel for 454

    I use ethanol free in mine, there are places that sell it. If I have to use ethanol I use the additive but not twards the end of the saeson, you dont want it sitting for the winter in the car.
  14. cny first gen 71


    Yup just outside of Syracuse, I've shoveled and snow blowed my share of that white stuff. I did mine on a desk top not my phone it went easy.
  15. cny first gen 71