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cny first gen 71

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  1. cny first gen 71

    New Member Prattville, Al.

    Welcome aboard
  2. cny first gen 71

    Not so good.

    Sorry for your troubles Darren keep your head up keep us posted. Our thoughts are with you
  3. cny first gen 71

    Dragging front brakes

    Do not get a rebuilt or remanufactured master cylinder. Find somewhere to get a new one there not that much more wnd well worth the money.
  4. cny first gen 71

    Not really new

    Great to see you back again Steve, I wondered what happened to you. Glad you kept your monte too. Hope all has been well with you. Kenny found his way back too great to have you young guys around keeping this hobby alive.
  5. cny first gen 71

    Hello from Cheyenne

    Welcome aboard, now you can't buy another one or you'll have to change your name
  6. cny first gen 71

    Dragging front brakes

    That was Coreys car and it turned out to be the wrong master cylinder.
  7. cny first gen 71

    Dragging front brakes

    I belive the line size is 3/16 standard US thread.
  8. cny first gen 71

    Back in the Saddle...

    Very nice car, welcome back
  9. cny first gen 71

    Casting number on 350's water pump

    I'm pretty sure all the 350 motors came with the long water pump. I strongly suggest getting a new one not rebuilt or remain. I got mine from advanced auto several years ago it fit fine and works fine. All I had to do was paint it.
  10. cny first gen 71

    72 New member from SC. Cheers!

    Welcome aboard
  11. cny first gen 71

    1970 New member in South Jersey

    Welcome aboard, very nice car you have there.
  12. cny first gen 71

    New Member - SE PA 1970 Monte SS

    Welcome aboard
  13. cny first gen 71

    A few of the toys...

    Nice bunch of toys
  14. cny first gen 71

    New member in NJ!

    Welcome aboard from another Steve
  15. cny first gen 71

    Message Board Maintenance Sep 6th

    Im gonna go through a little withdrawal but I'll survive, thanks guys