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  1. cny first gen 71

    South East new guy

    Welcome aboard, it don't get much more south east than where you are I'll be in Florida in april but not that far south. Good luck in your search for your monte.
  2. cny first gen 71


    Welcome to the site, that would have made me cry. Good luck with it
  3. cny first gen 71

    Opinions everyone!

    TWO TONE 👍
  4. cny first gen 71

    Another new guy

    Welcome aboard, looks like a pretty nice find. Good luck with it.
  5. cny first gen 71

    Vinyl Trim Holes

    I second the two tone idea, if mine had a vinyl top from factory it would be a two tone now I"m not a fan of the vinyl tops. Just my 2 cents
  6. cny first gen 71

    Dash plaques

    I got a few of them, hopefully one day I will have a western meet one too.
  7. cny first gen 71

    What's the Best Paint to use on Interior Parts?

    Stop over to the new members section and introduce yourself and figure out how to get pictures on we would love to see your cars.
  8. cny first gen 71

    What's the Best Paint to use on Interior Parts?

    Welcome aboard, SEM makes some good products. I used it to do my dash pad. The important thing is to clean the parts up real good and then clean them again and rinse all the cleaner off real good. You can get it at your local body shop supply store. good luck with your project, we love pictures of projects here.
  9. cny first gen 71

    Hometown Car show Today

    Car looks great Darren, I had to look back at the date when this was, we havent seen grass around here in quite some time.
  10. cny first gen 71

    Just when you think you have seen it all

    Whats he going to pull with that a baby carriage
  11. cny first gen 71

    Hello MC Lovers!

    Welcome aboard Travis
  12. cny first gen 71

    New Guy Here

    Welcome aboard Joe from another New Yorker, (near Syracuse) Thank you for your service to our country. My girlfriends son is usaf also. Maybe you can make it to the Syracuse nationals this summer some of us are possible talking about a mini meet there.
  13. cny first gen 71

    Not All Monte Related But There Are Dirty Pictures Here

    Thats a scary picture Rob lol
  14. cny first gen 71

    Stock Exhaust Sysem for SS454

    You may want to double check for the wheel base, for some reason I'm thinking the monte is the same as the 4 door chevelle. I could be wrong though.
  15. cny first gen 71

    Stock Exhaust Sysem for SS454

    Most of the shops, at least around here cant make the 2.5 tail pipes. They dont have the proper dyes