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  1. A friend gave me a brand new service manual and brand new chassis manual yesterday. It still has the UPS postage sticker on it dated June 25, 1971. He told he only opened the once when he first got them. They look really fantastic and you can tell they have been opened very little. The cover on the chassis manual does have a slight yellowing around the edges but the center is still white. It had two service publication order forms on top protecting it. One of those is several yellowed while the other is very white with minor yellowing on the edges. A very nice surprise he gifted me with after paying me for tilling his and two neighbors gardens.
  2. Dan when you refer to overdrives are those like the 700r4?
  3. Leghome

    AC/Heater Blower Issues

    Mine had screws in it when I bought the 72 and they are just some metal screws with a hex head. I was really careful when I reinstalled t make sure I did not strip them out. Some times I think I am super man or the terminator which we all know is a false narrative.
  4. Leghome

    AC/Heater Blower Issues

    I’ve had mine out to check when I redid my AC and my son in-law Jamie checked it out with an multimeter and the resistance check OK to what he a found online
  5. Leghome

    Replacement for lead filler?

    I was gonna recommend the Dura Glass that Joe mentioned. It is a very good product for this kind of application
  6. Leghome

    dakota digital install questions

    I used the original wires from the tank and ran the ground from the hdx box all the way to the tank.
  7. Leghome

    dakota digital install questions

    When I installed mine I used the factory wiring for everything except I did run a separate ground to the gas tank because I was getting very erratic readings on the ohm meter(I still need to drop the tank and adjust the float because I have run out of gas twice, it is empty when it gets to a 1/4 on the gauge). I used the stock placement for the turn indicators because I wanted it to look somewhat stock. It took my son in-law Jamie and I two weekends to get everything working correctly. I am well satisfied with the results although we did re calibrate the speed-o about a month ago. It was off over 5MPH and now is within 1MPH. The hardest part for us was getting the correct wire hooked up the corresponding connections on the control box for the HDX
  8. Leghome

    New Member I think

    Mine is doing pretty well but a couple of spots I did not get as clean as I should have but those spots are hidden so the overall looks good at least I think so.
  9. Leghome

    New Member I think

    We have a restorations hop near here (They,One More Time Rods and Restorations, did My 72 in 2013) that uses a black urethane on all cars that they put on the rotisserie after coating them with Lizard Skin. The product they use is XL Coatings Satin Black. When I pulled my motor I just used POR 15 on all of the frame rails and cross member before re installation
  10. Leghome


    Good to see you are still around Stephanie. I have not been out much this past year but hope to do more shows this year.
  11. Leghome

    Advice on paint removal

    To me the tool that Steve posted is an easier tool to use unless you have had experience with another one. The is the only one I have ever used so to me it is really easy.
  12. Leghome

    Advice on paint removal

    When I stripped mine I used one of those scrappers you use on windows in your home after painting. That being said my paint job was enamel and I peeled it off in long strips in about a third of the time it took to sand. I did my whole hood in 20 minutes after I had worked on it by sanding for over two hours and only had a 2 x 3 area finished. The scraping took of the finish but still had to sand the primer off but took no time at all. I had the whole car in bare metal in 20 hours except the door jambs and around the deck lid and hood.
  13. Leghome

    Interior brake pedal pad

    I have seen one Monte with front Drum brakes
  14. Leghome

    power window donor car

    Like David said the wires do get brittle. I had a 66 Cadillac convertible back in the early 70's(in fact that was my next car after I sold my 70 Monte in 1971) that I had to splice all of the wires for the power windows. It might be worth it while to replace the wire going thru the door and into the cowl before you assemble everything saving a lot of headaches and time.
  15. Leghome

    New Member I think

    I waited over night for the splatter to totally dry and cure. The splatter paint I used was water based so it took so what longer to dry as the humidity was higher that time of the year