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  1. Leghome

    71 vs 72 Radiator support cross bar

    So that means you can use a 72 support on a 71 but not a 71 on a 72.
  2. Don't forget to mention that your affiliated with The Firs Generation Monte Carlo Club. RIGHT ROB.
  3. Leghome

    Starting up issue

    I was told that with a 140 amp you need to run a 12 gauge wire from the Alt to where ever it connects like on my 72 the horn relay. It will smoke the wire so I have been told. I had my Alt which was not original to the car but read 65 amp one the housing rebuilt with the internal regulator and before he tore into it he tested it at 100 amps on his tester..
  4. Leghome

    Air Conditioning Restoration

    All of my hoses and compressor and dryer were new but I used everything else the first time. I thought I had flushed out the evaporator but after running the AC for a couple of days all kinds of junk broke loose from inside of it and I had to replace the compressor and dryer again but I had s hop do that and it was finished the night before we headed for Hiawasee for our first Eastern Meet. I should have had the shop do all of the assembly the first time and i might have saved myself a lot of Money.
  5. Leghome

    Air Conditioning Restoration

    I drained the oil out of my several compressors by just turning that side of the compressor into a bucket and let it drain for a day or two. As far as getting the lines loose I have no clue. My system was apart when I purchased it so I did not have to contend with that problem. I did find some residue of oil in all of my parts before I reassembled it.
  6. When I put in my Dakota Digital display last year I had to modify the drivers side bracket and cut away some the speaker housing.
  7. I put those in my 72 2 years and they sound pretty good to me.
  8. Leghome

    Starting up issue

    The neutral safety switch and the ignition switch are two things I would look at along with making sure of a good ground.
  9. Leghome

    Restored 1970

    Bought another one that did not need as much work as we put into this one
  10. Leghome

    Restored 1970

    I had a guy look at my 72 yesterday and he asked if I would sell it an I told him not for a dime less than $30,000.
  11. Leghome

    Drive 55 and stay alive

    I was driving a 66 Caddy convertible back then and my was in a 67 Sedan DeVille so gas mileage was the least of m=our worries. Did not like those puddle jumpers then and do not now.
  12. Leghome

    Eastern Meet XX (20) T shirts

    I am in for both shirts. Still unsure if we can get to Kodak but sure am trying to get it on the schedule
  13. Leghome

    Falls Park Pendleton Indiana

    We have had very little snow or ice so far. All of the salt they had spread was washed off of the roads with the 3" of rain in the last couple of weeks. Drove it again this morning to church and a couple of stops for visits. Went by a friends place to get an appraisal for my records but he took the day off to have 8 new garage doors installed at his house.
  14. A few photos of my 72 in the park this evening