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  1. Leghome

    Monte Pull Behind Problem

    The body is remounted and the interior dividers are being installed and then the new carpet
  2. Leghome

    Aluminum Radiators

    The new radiator is installed. Only a couple of minor hiccups other than those it was an easy job. Took it for a test drive and outside temp was above 90 and the car only reached 195 sitting at a stoplight. Two weeks ago before the change it was reading 210 to 220 without the air running. A very nice improvement
  3. Leghome

    Monte Pull Behind Problem

    Its is ten times stronger than the old one plus being five times heavier I may have to replace the springs
  4. Leghome

    Monte Pull Behind Problem

    The new frame is completed. Painted it yesterday and while not quite a professional job it looks pretty good. It was a very expensive repair but is better than new.
  5. Leghome

    Aluminum Radiators

    I went with the aluminum Radiator that Mike Brichta recommended and it looks great. Should have it installed this weekend or next weekend. Looks really well constructed and everything looks to match perfectly
  6. Leghome

    71 monte carlo ss

    Like Bruce said the different divisions of GM called the same color a different name. They still do that. We just leased a 2019 Equinox and Chevy called the color Sand Drift GMC called it Coppertino. It was a discontinued color for GMC but still available for Chevy. We ordered the Equinox and right after we received it Chevy discontinued it also. The Equinox was assembled in Canada and usually takes 10 days to 2 weeks for it to arrive at a Dealership here in the States. Our car was assembled on a Tuesday and it arrived in Alexandria IN on Thurs.
  7. Leghome

    Windows felt set for 1971?

    I bought My outside from The Parts Place Inc. I bought some of the custom moldings from Cory(from MI) I can not remember his screen name and had Murphy refurbish them. The felts I got from them were good except I had to modify them for the custom moldings. Cory got some that were correct
  8. Leghome

    Installing tach in instrument cluster

    I replaced my gauges with Dakota Digital but my car was no where near original when I bought it so I did the switch and love it. I had installed LEAD's long before the cluster switch and loved them also. I am glad I checked out the LED's before I put the dash back in because I had a couple of the in backwards and they will not work backwards.
  9. Leghome

    Aluminum Radiators

    Who has a good direct fit radiator for our SB Monte's? Mine has been overheating and I think it is time to upgrade.
  10. Leghome

    Windows felt set for 1971?

    The ones I got from Legendary did
  11. Got a top 20 plaque today at the car show. There were some very nice autos and it was participant voting. Normally I do not do well at these shows because of the old boys clubs that are prevalent around here so I was really surprised as was Jamey my son in-law. I did take a few photos when I got up and moved around, temp was over 90 with heat index close to 100. The first one shows Jamey’s 91 Z28 reflection on the side of my 72
  12. Leghome

    Slight over heat

    Went to a car show on the west INDY and when I had the AC running it was showing 220 degrees with a 180 thermostat. It is time to upgrade to aluminum and maybe electric fans. How high of an amp alternator should I have. My present one when checked last year was putting out 95 to 100 amps.
  13. I luvs Red Monte’s great looking car
  14. The 4 minute drive from the hotel was pretty tiring but we made it. Boy I bet that just totally drained the both of you. So glad after being that tired you made it safely. 😄😱
  15. Leghome

    My hood sits high in the back.

    I forgot I did that before I got my replacement hinges from Leo