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  1. Leghome

    Original Tire Size

    My new 70 back in Nov of 69 came with G 70 because I ordered the 7" wheels other wise it would have had G 78's. Do not know the height of them.
  2. Leghome

    2019 Detroit Autorama

    You never know till you try it. I tried red hair once and it was UUUUUGGGLLLYY
  3. Leghome

    SS 454 on Ebay

    When I redid my 72 in 2013 I had over $2,500 in just materials and I got them at 10% over cost. Labor came to $5,000 which was really to cheap but I also got to help work on the car in their shop. It was 3 months to the day from when it arrived at the shop ti=o the day I drove it home. Disassembly started at home and final assembly was finished at home. The total time came to about four and one half months.
  4. Leghome

    Eastern meet tracking

    Number in Group 2 real name Larry E and Glendia Gilbert 72 Monte Carlo arriving Thursday Sept 26th Driving Up for what ever the group has planned as always
  5. Leghome

    Simple Home Remedies for Men

  6. Willie I wished I had known you were in the area. Greenfield is only about 40 miles from my home. about a 25 minutes drive.
  7. Darren what would that recalculate to American Dollar I do not know the conversion table
  8. Leghome

    Old Cop/Detective TV Shows....

    Kojak with Telly Savalas
  9. Being north of the borer that might be Canadian Dollars
  10. Leghome

    Another new guy

    Greg that looks like the steering wheel on my new 70 I bought in Sept of 69 except mine said Malibu or Chevelle on the horn plate. It took the dealer a year to get me the correct Monte Carlo plate.
  11. I with you Dennis the Monte Carlo body style is one of the all time best. 2nd would be the mid 60's Rivera. I wanted to buy a 63/4/5 Rivera but the Monte Carlo was more in my price reange plus finding parts for the Riv would have been extremely hard. I sure am glad I went that route now because of this club and all of the great people in in it.
  12. Leghome

    Changing 454 ss badge

    When I had my 72 redone in 2013 we got it all together and then had to reinstall the fender molding. We removed the inner fender and the bolts on the lower part of the fender and gently pried it out. To do this it really helps to have small hands. Danny my body guy did have them and I am very glad because my hands are not huge but I could not get in there to do the job.
  13. Leghome

    1970 Monte Carlo - $12000

    That looks like new 70 I bought September 20 of 1969. Mine was a small block 400 with air.
  14. Leghome

    Cloth replacement seat covers.

    I painted my frames before they went to the shop
  15. Leghome

    adding OEM A/C to non A/C

    Mine is cool when stopped. This is the condenser I bought https://www.thepartsplaceinc.com/product/1972/1972-monte-carlo-a-c-condenser-gm-3967948-631510-ac1510/5038