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front suspenion overhaul

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guys i have a 72 with a 454 and the last time the front springs were replaced in1980, i was thinking of having my front end rebuilt ,car rides great and have no issues but the other day i noticed the rubber bushings on the top a arms are shot,  i have a local shop that i would like to get a quote from ,but don't know what a good price would be , my biggest  FEAR would be installing the one of the many different  big block springs available ,andnot liking the correct  car height, thanks roger

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Roger, name brand rubber bushings are all pretty good, I'd choose Moog or ACDelco. Don't use urethane bushings.

For hard parts, including ball joints, Proforged is considered a better product than Moog and I recommend it.

Unless you're trying to stay stock or are on a budget, consider adjustable coil overs from Viking. They make a great product and you can adjust your ride height and shock compression & rebound if you get the double adjustable version. Mine are awesome.

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If there are no issues with the springs and you kike the current stance why not keep the springs and just rebuild the A-Arms bushings and ball joints and check the shocks.  After that long they may be leaking.   As far as prices, if you have the time and proper tools you could do it yourself.  I did mine a number of years ago and all is still good.  

As far as the bushings are concerned.  I went with the original rubber as opposed to the Poly Bushings.  I heard too many issues with the Poly bushings to try to go with them but to each their own.  The Poly bushings from what others had mentioned tended to squeak a lot.


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