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  1. With the different size of the Rally Rims, are the Center Caps universal to each different size?
  2. 1970 Roller for Sale. Clean Title in Hand. The plan was to do a slow roll restoration, but in the mean time, one of my sons announced he is getting married, followed shortly by a young man asking to marry one of my daughters. All disposable income will be redirected accordingly. Needs some work, but its straight and is all there. A Baltimore Car, sold in Suburban Philadelphia at Reedman Chevrolet. Car is in Suburban Philadelphia. Last registered in 1990. 350/250 2 Barrel, Turbo Hydromatic. Misty Green with Green Vinyl Top and Green Interior. Some Rust and the interior will need to be redone. Restore or Part out. Your Call. $2,000 OBO in that area. if interested, email is: 1970montecarlo1stgen@gmail.com
  3. Mark, beautiful car. Looking forward to seeing it in Carlisle! As an Adjunct Professor of Fire Science/Emergency Management, I am also looking forward to discussing the state of Higher Education!
  4. I am soon to be the proud owner of my 3rd First Gen Monte. A 1970. Needs some work, but its pretty much straight and is all there. Will have to deal with some rust, and the interior will have to be totally redone. My wife and son are trying to get me to change the original color and vinyl roof color, but I am a purist. Hoping to find the build sheet somewhere and start from there. The only thing I might do is put Rally's on it.
  5. Sullly, I am from the other side of the city in Lower Bucks. Welcome !
  6. Found a Build Sheet for this car in the rear backrest springs when redoing the interior in my 72. The Build Sheet is in is in pretty good condition. Car was built in Van Nuys. Would be great to find the owner, if the car is still around, since I believe, my build sheet may be in this car, in the same location.
  7. RH72

    Build sheets

    Already have one Build Sheet in Great Condition for my 72. Currently, I have the rear seat out to recover it. Found a Build Sheet behind the Backrest, but it is not for my car!
  8. Rob, did you ever find a place to rebuild your compressor?
  9. Rob, would it be possible for the Club have a Monte Carlo session with the Chevy Engineers? To be able to get the current engineering perspective on the 1st Generation Monte Carlo Legacy would be informative. It would also be nice to know if they plan on a production 50th Anniversary Edition Monte Carlo. TY, Bob Hedden
  10. RH72

    Second Time Around

    Thank you all for the warm welcome and kind words.
  11. RH72

    Second Time Around

    Yo Mike! Not too far away......
  12. RH72

    Second Time Around

    Philadelphia Suburbs
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