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  1. Classic's look to be a Target Nevada Looking To Close Classic Car Loophole (msn.com)
  2. RH72

    70 Gas Tank

    Steve, looked at patching it, but a new one is the right way to go.
  3. RH72

    70 Gas Tank

    Tank has a hole in it, or I would keep it in the car.
  4. RH72

    70 Gas Tank

    Tank has a hole in it, or I would keep it in the car.
  5. RH72

    70 Gas Tank

    Mike, yup, TY. I was hoping to gain an understanding of the difference between the original tank designs.
  6. RH72

    70 Gas Tank

    Replacing the Gas Tank in my 70. Looking at the 2020 OPGI Catalogue Page 100. For the 70 Tank Kit, there are two choices, w/o vents and w/return. Any insight on these options? Existing tank attached. TY, Bob
  7. Good Point. Will check that tomorrow
  8. Looking to replace the fuel sending unit on my 70. The two options I can find show the unit with 3/8" line with a 1/4' return, and then without the return. What is a way to tell without dropping the tank, if the return is needed or not?
  9. David, where on the body did you find this connection?
  10. Beautiful Car. Welcome to the Center of the Monte Carlo Universe!
  11. Had the opportunity to privately purchase a 1970 from someone I met this past June at Carlisle, that was handling the estate of the original owner who was a relative. Sat for a time in a pole barn. The family evaluated it after we met and pretty much did a non frame off restoration. 350/300 Crate installed. New Springs, new shocks & new tires. Paint striped, rust around the back window found and dealt with. Repainted the original color of Gobi Beige. New vinyl top. Interior is excellent and new carpeting was installed. Have the original owner warranty packet from the dealer with the pro
  12. RH72

    70 Stock Carb

    Thank you, exactly what was needed!
  13. RH72

    70 Stock Carb

    Aaron, ty. Can you provide a Model/Serial # for that?
  14. RH72

    70 Stock Carb

    What carb came on the Stock 350 in 1970 for either a 2 and/or 4 Barrel?
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