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  1. I saw it! I just didnt want to be reprimanded for acknowledging a green car... (ducks and hides)
  2. Wow Terry, you have an awesome stable of cars!


    With minor modifications to the core support and headlight buckets I converted mine over to a new style but original looking H4, they are bright! Not as much as some of the HID's i've seen but 110% brighter than stock. richradsstuff.com is where I got mine from. He used to do all the Autorama shows here in town, so I bought them in person but him and his wife are good people to deal with. So I wouldn't worry about online transactions or shipping or anything like that...
  4. Good showing Dave and Red, sorry you didn't get picked. Better luck next time!


    I need to get "bored" more often... Looks great!
  6. Good Luck you two, Kick some @$$!
  7. That was one helluva a burnout! (it even made ME proud, I could imagine how tickled you were...) As always, cool videos Dave. Thanks for posting! And good Luck Red!
  8. Like everyone has said, good it wasn't on the big end... Can't wait to hear what she'll really do!
  9. Nice times Andy! Thats alot of runs in a pretty short time frame, did you rent the track?!
  10. The flanges should have three bolts, and like Paul said should have a gasket in between them (the manifold, flange, and pipes that run underneath the car) Go to the parts store and just ask for doughnuts, they should know what your talking about. Thats a good guess and starting point as far as tracking down the annoying ticking sounds. And if you haven't replaced them already its only gonna cost you a few bucks. Good luck finding the leak.
  11. Thanks, thats what I figured... My buddy was all freaked out talking about "You better hurry and get your Monte done, cause you ain't gonna be able to get gas for it the next couple of years!" I responded with "I'll just go Nitro..."
  12. Don't mean to thread hijack, but I'm sure you guys who registered for the SEMA/SAN have received emails about the new Etahanol increase at the pumps thats coming. Now from what I've read this supposed to affect the newer cars especially but how is it gonna treat the old cars that prefer the leaded type of fuels? Is building an E85 beast like Sams' gonna be the only way to beat up the streets?
  13. MADMAC

    I broke my Monte

    Oh man Al, that sucks... But hey , MORE POWER! (with an added Tim Allen grunt!)
  14. Congratulations Dave, Thats a really big acheivement! Good Luck!
  15. Awesome 20!!! Look forward to seeing pictures. (Get on it fellas!)
  16. The original hood on my '72 was 86 lbs, the fiberglass cowl was 13 lbs.
  17. Kinda like that old thread a few years back about the "Outlawed" Big Block Super Sport...
  18. Awesome time Mike! What are you trying to get her down to?
  19. Wow! That WAS a ton of pics, thanks for posting!
  20. Wow! I remember when you found the buildsheet but I guess I missed the update on when you got that picture and short letter. Definitely a cool memento for the car...
  21. Congrats to all you guys (and Capri )and like a few have already said, alot of Club members have been raking in the awards! It's was really cool to just read through some of the replies and writeups in this thread. And Andy, your killing me!
  22. MADMAC

    EM Pics

    Awesome Pictures Everybody! Thanks for posting all those up. I really hope to make a Meet one day and see all of your great cars. And man Eli, you cleaned up! Multiple awards, very cool! Your Monte is awesome...
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