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Rob Peters

1970 Monte Wiring Diagrams

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Rob - thanks and I am wondering what the numbers and letters represents?  For example, 20 Y - what does 20 means and Y means?  I am looking at first image around the starter and coil area.


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Regarding the numbers I am wondering i that would be the gauge of the wire but I would not swear to it.

The letters are usually color codes for the wire.  Unfortunately I have seen many charts for the colors.  When I was working on electronic equipment....  Blue= B, Yellow= Y,  Brown= N,   Black= K, Red= R Etc. Etc.    Also, we used 10 colors with each color being a number so if a wiring diagram showed a three digit number the wire may have three stripes with each stripe indicating a number.

With these Monte Diagrams showing letters look like B= Black, BRN= Brown, LBL= Light Blue, OR= Orange, DBL= Dark Blue, LG= Light Green.  Wires with something like this.....  B/DBL/Y  would be a stripped wire with the wire more than likely be a black wire with a dark blue and yellow stripe.  

Also, go to this link and you will see a general wire color chart and looking at the chart it looks like my assumption of the wire number may be correct as per my thinking that it may be the gauge of the wire:  https://www.jalopyjournal.com/forum/threads/chevy-color-code-for-dummies.343068/



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The number is for the gauge of the wire. Letter is the color of that wire. Sometimes there may be another number first, that'll usually be the 'circuit' number. Later manuals seem to show some of the connectors and the slots will have a number in there (the above prints don't show them there).  There is also a page in the manual with all the circuits listed. In my 1972 Service manual they go from 2 to 340. The 1970 manual may be different? See the connectors below for an example.


72 monte 1.pdf

72 monte.pdf

72 monte2.pdf

72 monte3.pdf


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