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Lookie what showed up (1971SS454)


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Spent some more time on the work bench tonight. Good thing I have the original AM8track that came out of this car. I've been using it as parts for the AM/FM 8 track. I got all 4 channels rockin now! This was quite high tech in 71! Along with a working heater, gonna be a joy to drive in the fall season 


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Well, with my good luck again, it looks like I scored a really good NOS bumper pad. It's got some marks from being moved around throughout all these years. The story I was told is that it was found at a dealership back in 1982 on a shelf. The threads look like there has never been a nut tightened on em.  Does that part # look correct? There is a permanent marker number clearly legible and a slightly legible pencil part number too. I think with a coat of vinyl dye it should look perfect. 


I'm gonna keep the crusty one on the car, and stash this one away until the day comes to do it all right. 






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It looks like 3982493 is what shows in the parts catalog. They probably wrote the wrong number


ASSY.— SHIM— WASHER, Bumper (Con't)

71 Monte Carlo (S.S.) ...................... 3982493 1 13.25 PAD ASSY., rear face bar ................. ..

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Great to have friends with lifts on these rainy November days,  needed to change the exhaust manifold donuts and put new studs in, surprisingly enough they all came out with some heat. Didn't have to drill or tap any of em. 

Other than the driver side floor pan where two seams meet this car is fairly solid underneath, even the exhaust is solid. 



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Been a busy spring , even with this whole Covid thing going on. I took  my two weeks off and got a TON of work done to the  car. Fixed some ugly rust on the left 1/4,  got some proper SS tips and swapped out the 8track player. I'm going to send the AM/FM MPX unit out to get restored at Barry's 8 track repair when the dollar improves. In the meantime I got an OEM looking quadraphonic unit off of EBay. Even got the airshocks back up and running too. Just put in an air chuck behind the plate. The original valve seems to be seized up 




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This past weekend was quite an interesting one!  I got an email from a car friend about a Covid car cruise in Creston BC.  Coincidentally, this weekend was right around the 1 year anniversary of  me getting the car. Decided to drive the car over to its original home and enjoy the spring scenery. The first pic is ole Doug Zanders' driveway where this car sat and sat all those years. I went up the  driveway, heard him working away in the garden.  "Hey Doug I got something to show ya!" Him and his wife came down to the bottom of the front yard to get some pics, and a video of it purring away.  

As I was leaving I decided to get pic in front of the famous Kookanee beer brewery.  Turning up the road,  I spot another 71ss454 ( I guess they are 10c for 12 in British Columbia) Low and behold I run into Liam and his 71ss! Weird how these things can line up in this world?   

Getting to Creston is no small feat for an old boat like this. You gotta climb two fairly steep mountain passes. The major pass to climb is called the "Salcrest" or Kootenay pass. It's top altitude is over 5800 feet above sea level with an average grade of 5% reaching to over 8% nearing the top. Even during some of this cooler weather you still gotta pay attention to that temp gauge. The 454 does a really good job of flattening the hills. 



98486205_245181966570381_2112093439603507200_n (1).jpg



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Many many years ago I owned a nice 71 Monte SS cuz all Factory stock and it did have chrome valve covers with all the correct stickers on it


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