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CN air cleaner decal


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Hi. Do you mean these stickers? At the time I got mine from OPGI. You can get them from almost any Chevelle parts place. These are for the 1970 Monte Carlo. The 1971 has a different style. 

Same for the side stickers and others. 


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As said previous.  Most of your Part Source Brick & Mortar Stores has them.  Open up OPGI, Impala Bob's, Parts Place etc. etc. and look under Decals.  Than particular Decal your wanting should be found within that parts group.





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I was cleaning out my glovebox the other day and believe it or not I think I have one in there.  I had bought it and then found out it was the wrong one.  I wish you were coming to Carlisle next week, I would let you look at it and decide if it were the right one.   I remember it because I noticed the CN on it.  If I remember next time I get up to the car I will take a picture of it and send the picture to you and if it is what you want I will mail it to you.


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Looking for CN, keep your GM car all GM.

Not finding this one from all the usual sources....even contacted Jim Osborne Reproductions, the maker of most of the under hood decals out there. He has a CN but it has a different part number under the CN, and from what I saw some of the wording is different ( his is for a 69 chevelle)

Below is the one I need.


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