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Carlisle pics


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I'm also glad to have made it there last minute-some new faces,some familiar-a great time from beginning to end and as usual over way too fast!! Now how did Rob even find his computer let alone type early Sunday morning!!

There's always a thought at the start of these long summer trips that the old bugger(the car)will get hot and tired at some point-and it never fails that the 'old bugger' does get hot and tired at some point(the DRIVER!!)-the car thinks we're going to California but the body behind the wheel thinks otherwise!!


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A lot of great posts here, just a few comments and quotes from the outing..........the quotes may not be totally accurate but close:


Capri, it was my pleasure to take Drake on a few little side activities.... as someone said "Rob must be missing the grandkids"


It was great to have Dan there, espically early in the morning or later in the afternoon when the sun was streaming into the canopies from one end or the other. We just had Dan stand at the end to provide us with shade.



"Old Man".... not directed to me


"Shutup Pinky"..... maybe Dan's new nickname, he is lucky we already have a pinky here.


"I'm not talking to Capri, I am mad at her for not being here, she was supposed to keep Dana company".......... Steve when I told him Capri wasn't coming (before Capri, Greg and Drake hit the road to join us)


"You're under arrest".....this was with a gun pointed in my face....the quote was from Drake


"Those weren't origional were they"........... What someone asked me regarding the light monitoring system and two tone paint on my car


"I hate to ask but would you look at my car to give me an idea what is wrong"........... Brian to Steve regarding a noise coming from the drivers side engine compartment Anay bets on if Steve turned him down, I think not


"What a great family we have here"......... Stated by many different people


"I was presented with a Red Line Award"............. Dave Reem, I also received one


"Where is Scott?"


"Where is Jack?"


"Where is Mike?"


"Where is Bill?"


there were other poeple that people wanted to know if they were coming too.


there were others but I really need to head out to work




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We had a great time!!!...it was great to see everyone again and meet some new faces as well!!!!


Thanks for sharing the pictures Tony...we didn't bring a camera....lol.


Capri....well...it worked...lol... you made it!!!


Hope to see everyone soon......



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It was great to meet new and see old. And I am still on cloud 9 just because I could put my car on the showfield ( a lil selfish but oh well lol). Beautiful cars one and all. I told the wife on the way home that next year, I'm going to drop her and the kids at her friends house in PA and head to the meet for at least the weekend...one day trips just ain't enough lol.

I do have to say I was a lil shocked when I stopped for coffee and saw teh caravan from the hotel pass me by...a few people got cut off trying to catch up to them lol...and......Queenie was NOT on a trailer shocked ...sorry Cap I had to lol

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Nice set of photos Tony - it was good to finally meet up with you at a show. See ya at Maple grove next month.

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