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  1. yorkies

    Meet Maxine

    welcome aboard,fellow monteholic nice, very nice car color combo is great,ENJOY
  2. yorkies

    Which One and Why

    I like mine a 72 ,350/350 would have a hard time exchanging it for anything after 27 yrs.
  3. yorkies

    Pittsburgh Prayers

    Hey Rob, yes a lot of prayers for the family and friends of the tragic incident in Pittsburgh. We live about 100 miles north at Pymatuning lake and conneaut lake which is a big resort area enjoyed by many many pittsburghers. When we had the business our customer base on the week end was Pittsburgh Pa. and Cleveland ohio. Again our prayers for everyone in the area
  4. yorkies

    I Knew This Was Going To Cost Me

    Now that you know how to do it, and have had a little break, come up to " the lake " and I ,ll let you do one of mine, LOL Ron
  5. yorkies

    Hot Start to new customer project

    You are SO right, that is a hot start. Hope it all works out for you and your customer.
  6. yorkies

    got new goodies from Morris coming

    Bruce my right side mirror is the non-remote model, Ron
  7. yorkies

    got new goodies from Morris coming

    the right side mirror is as close to the original and still not infringe on GM's copyright. It looks pretty good just a little thinner than the remote.
  8. yorkies

    Just sharing old pictures I like

    If I remember right that engine had a rubber belt that ran the cam, a lot of people thought would never work
  9. yorkies

    got new goodies from Morris coming

    Jared, I don't know how to post a link, but if you go to sales@morrisclassic.com there site will come up, Ron
  10. yorkies

    got new goodies from Morris coming

    The mirrors they sell now do not require you to take door panels apart. They are done with screws from the out side measure twice drill once about 15- 20 minutes and your done. Seat belts were very easy also, used all the old mounting holes just used new bolts. So far everything is GOOD
  11. Have some new seat belts and a new right hand mirror coming tomorrow, now if I can get Scott to come uo and help install, as I know he got his a while back lol,Ron
  12. yorkies

    Been awhile...

    OH NO, did I just say that? I met to say OH WELCOME back, let the fun begin
  13. yorkies

    4/18 Happy Birthday to?

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, and MANY MORE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. yorkies

    Eastern Meet Dash Cards

    IT HAS SNOWED in Linesville Pa. in June, That was a trivia question last night on the Erie weather station. It told the year but at 11:00pm I wasn't paying attention. LOL