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  1. yorkies

    Blower Saga Continues

    I think the comfortron system had a thermastat on the dash that you could set a particular degree temp and it was suppose to stay there. I had a 72 caprice with this setup did not work very good. you had to have windows up or the ambient temp would cause the system to malfunction
  2. yorkies

    It's Official

    when it is 90 degrees in pittsburgh pa. I'm sure you will be driving around with your windows rolled up tight just so we will know lol
  3. yorkies

    Birthday Wishes

    happy belated birthday, hope you had a good one and many more to come. Don't let them fool you 57 is just the beginning, later Ron
  4. yorkies

    WOW, A Coupon For An Extra Value Meal... I'm so excited

    YOU were absolutely Right to respond in this fashion, business people today DO NOT train there employees to use good manners. Thank You, Please, and I am sorry is not in there training at home or on the job.
  5. yorkies

    Old Cop/Detective TV Shows....

    how about "The sheriff from cochise " I think Brad Crawford played the sheriff and drove a Chysler station wagon when he opened the door there was a shot gun mounted on the door panel this was 1957/1958
  6. yorkies

    Pittsburgh World Of Wheels

    color combinations were wild back then, I dealer prepped new cars '63,64. one odd one was a friend of my dads, ordered a pontiac convert. red with blue interior
  7. yorkies

    Drive 55 and stay alive

    I remember the vw reserve, no gauge very well. After I went to bed my brothers girl friend needed to borrow my car she ran out of gas switched it over ( her family had a vw so she knew the drill ). She brought it back and forgot to say anything to my wife. I get up at 0400 to go to work you guessed it I ran out. Mine was a 61 the lever was in the center of the car on the floorboard under dash. It did make me mad at time but got over it, the girlfriend turned into a sister in law and I've had herand the wife for over 50 years.
  8. yorkies

    Parting out my 72 Custom

    If anyone needs a good hood, I have one its Red and the best part is its free just pick up at the Ohio/pa. line, Yorkie
  9. yorkies

    Christmas gift

    I s that the 2020 Monte Carlo?????????
  10. yorkies

    Happy Thanksgiving

    good to hear that Rob avoided the chopping block one more year lol Hope all had a happy turkey day, now we can listen to Christmas carols
  11. yorkies

    Not having a great day today ...

    This is soooo sad,but in Pa. you have to be so careful this time of year. Between the ice and deer there is always danger lurking for you and your ride. Of course with me it was a "in the way electric pole" that I just had to back into at full reverse speed.oh well that was 20 years ago
  12. yorkies

    Meet Maxine

    welcome aboard,fellow monteholic nice, very nice car color combo is great,ENJOY
  13. yorkies

    Which One and Why

    I like mine a 72 ,350/350 would have a hard time exchanging it for anything after 27 yrs.
  14. yorkies

    Pittsburgh Prayers

    Hey Rob, yes a lot of prayers for the family and friends of the tragic incident in Pittsburgh. We live about 100 miles north at Pymatuning lake and conneaut lake which is a big resort area enjoyed by many many pittsburghers. When we had the business our customer base on the week end was Pittsburgh Pa. and Cleveland ohio. Again our prayers for everyone in the area