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  1. MCfan

    A/C what was your choice

    Bob. I installed the Classic Auto Air system into my non-A/C '70 4-speed about 7 years ago. It was my first major project and it turned out well - works great and is less obtrusive than the stock system. At the time, I also researched and considered Vintage Air but Classic offered several advantages - not sure if anything has changed since. Unfortunately, I did not take chronological photos of the installation (which I have done on every project since then) but I did create an after-the-fact photo journal on Photo Bucket which can still be accessed at this LINK.
  2. MCfan

    71 Monte carlo SS 454

    ... almost certainly if the SS has the 2.56 rear gear!
  3. I knew it wouldn't take long to find your beautiful '71 SS a new home! Congratulations on a quick sale and condolences for having to give her up! Hope you can focus on your health and get feeling better. We're all pulling for you!
  4. I've never removed a system, just installed one (and that took me several days). If you were experienced, you could do it much faster than the first time, but I still don't know if it could be done in 4 hours. Even knowing how to install a system, I am betting it would take me a full day to remove one, but I tend to be rather methodical and careful when I'm not experienced at a given project. I'm sure Darren can estimate this better than I can. He has already pointed out two of the most difficult areas: removing the harness from the dash and getting to the relay to remove it. There is one other very tricky operation: getting the rear regulators out of the small opening in the inner car body. All four regulators are bolted in with four screws apiece so no rivet cutting will be required. I suggest you have some test leads and a 12V power source available to move the position of the arms as you remove the regulators. I had to do several arm angle adjustments to get the rear regulators in place so I assume you will have to do the same to remove them (unless you have some Jaws of Life available to rip the inner body apart). As you know, window glass is heavy so be mindful of that as you disconnect and remove the regulators. You will have to remove the door panels and the rear interior side panels. If you are not familiar with that process on a first gen Monte, several of us can walk you through it. I dare say it is not obvious to the casual observer but easy to do once you know the steps. Again, I have lots of photos on the entire process, including removing the door panels and manual regulators, opening the kick panel, running the rear harness under the carpet, etc. You are going to have to do all of that to your car once you get a complete system assembled anyway. If this is starting to sound like a big deal, I would say it is probably the most challenging of the many projects I have done to either of my '70s. That said, it is also the one I use and enjoy the most.
  5. Antoine, I installed a complete power window system from a '72 Monte into my '70 4-speed about seven years ago. I will include some photos below of the various components. Here is a list: 1. Four regulators with arms (front left and right; rear left and right) 2. Complete wiring harness from both doors and under the dash 3. All four door switches (one driver's master with 4 switches and three single switches for the other individual windows) 4. The power window relay (this is mounted inside the driver's side cowl and easy to miss when striping a system out of the car, but you will have to have one) 5. Two door-to-cowl accordion grommets (you can buy new ones if the originals are shot) As you probably know, the '70 switches have frames with rounded corners while the '71 & '72 switch frames have sharp square corners. The fit and function is identical but purists will care about the visual difference. I have lots of photos of the entire installation project but I never completed a photo journal on Photobucket. However, you will definitely want to change the grease in each of the regulators and refurbish each of the switches before you install them and I did create a photo journal on that part of the project at this LINK. Let me know if you have any questions when you get into the project.
  6. MCfan

    Interior brake pedal pad

  7. MCfan

    Steering wheel repair???

    Dale, There have been a number of threads on this topic in the past. If you start on the Forums page, first find the Activity heading and then click on the Search sub-heading on the far right. Once on the Search page, be sure you are in the Content Search section and enter the three words "Steering wheel repair" in the Search Term box. Then go to the upper right on the list of search specifications list where it says "Find results that contain ..." and click on the top option: ALL (three) of my search term words (this is VERY important or you will get every post with ANY of those three words in it - possibly hundreds). You can leave all of the other search specifications in their default settings. Now scroll down and click on "Search Content". A list of prior posts with all of those three words (but not necessarily together or in that order) in the title and/or content will appear and you can browse them to get a lot of good information. Here's one to get you started: LINK
  8. MCfan

    New project

    Antoine, no one has ever found a Build Sheet in a first gen Monte built in the Flint, MI plant. If there is an "F" in the seventh position of your VIN, you will be wasting your time looking for a hidden Build Sheet. I have two Build Sheets that prior owners found in my Van Nuys-build SS so there is a good chance you will find one somewhere in your new 4-speed (unless you already have one from a prior owner).
  9. MCfan

    New project

    Antoine, You now have a '70 SS and a '70 Big Block 4-speed - doesn't get much better than that, IMO! What is the 7th Character in the VIN? The Body Tag shows "BL" as the assembly plant but my Baltimore-built '70 just shows "B" on its Body Tag. So, I wonder if your 7th character is "L" for the Van Nuys plant because I believe the Body Tag on my Van Nuys- built '70 SS shows BL on its Body Tag (can't find a picture to verify that right now). In any case, your 4-speed car was built the third week of December, 1969 per the 12 C code shown on the far left end of the third line of stamped codes. The Interior Trim (757) is black vinyl buckets, the body color (paint code 78) is Black Cherry and the top (B) is black vinyl. The Unit/Sequence Number appears to be 19773 (whatever that means). The first group of numbers (70-13857) just says it is a '70 Monte Carlo.
  10. Hey, Darren, I'm so very sorry to read your post and learn of your continuing health challenges! Selling your '71 SS is probably the last thing you would want to do, but I understand your reasoning. There probably isn't a nicer or more original one around anywhere, so it should find a new home quickly, probably within the club. That midnight blue paint color is pretty unusual and possibly the only non-original aspect of the car. Sure hope you can stick around our site as your expertise in many areas is highly valued. Hope your health situation improves some soon - thoughts and prayers going your way. All the best, my friend! Dennis
  11. MCfan

    window crank tool

    Roger, I just use a hook-pointed pick to reach behind either the door handle or window crank to pull the clip wire out.
  12. Anyone aspiring to membership in the "Blue Club" might be interested in this listing I saw on eBay recently: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1970-Chevrolet-Monte-Carlo/392269119406?hash=item5b550fbfae:g:V2wAAOSwRwxcoVk1&frcectupt=true New paint, top and exhaust - reasonable mileage and price.
  13. MCfan

    Who am I?

    Bruce, I guess I am somewhat confused. Your profile confirms that you've been a FGMCC member for over 17 years! Is this post a flash-back or are you just now getting around to introducing yourself? 😄
  14. MCfan

    trouble removing door pull straps

    Brian, I have removed those chrome-plated end caps on both of my '70s multiple times and have never "slid" them off. In fact I'm sure there is a small tab inside each one to kept them from sliding back. If you force them and break that tab off, they will continue to slide back, especially when you don't want them to. A very effective way to remove the end caps without damaging them is to simply insert a wide flat blade screwdriver into the open end and then gently but firmly raise or twist the handle. The end caps will lift right off the backing plate, exposing a Phillips head screw that must be removed from each end of the pull strap. (see photos below) While the end caps are off, examine their backside to see the flat spring catches that hold them onto the backing plate and also look for the tab mentioned above. To re-install the strap, replace and tighten the screws then place the end cap in its desired position and snap it back onto the backing plate using your fist or a rubber mallet. Good luck.
  15. MCfan


    Welcome to the club and forums, Chuck! Another beautiful blue '70 joins our ranks! That looks like Fathom Blue (paint code 28) - love the white vinyl top!