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  1. Rob, My SS is Autumn Gold, Paint Code 58, which was a '70-only color. The other '70-only Monte color was Astro Blue, Paint Code 25, and we both have one of those. My original new '70 was Autumn Gold with a white vinyl top so I am partial to that combo. Guess we all have our preferences but what is common to every first gen Monte is the classic style of the 2 - door, hardtop coupe that has never been matched since. I can tolerate just about any modification to a first gen Monte that doesn't mess with the body profile. Hood scoops, spoilers, air dams and fender flares look great ... on Chevelles, Mustangs, Hondas, etc.
  2. MCfan

    power window install

    Sorry, Sendo ... guess I don't understand your question. Your original post said "this is for a 70 Monte" and that is what I also installed factory power windows in. I don't recognize your photo above. Is that the engine compartment side of the firewall and fuse panel? Did you get a power window relay with your power window system? If not, you'll need to get one. The factory location for that relay is crazy - it's inside the cowl on the driver's side. If you don't already have power door locks and a wire path through the door and cowl, you will need to remove the doors to cut access holes in the cowl on both sides and the doors, also. Flexible accordion boots are then required to complete the wiring channel between the door and cowl.
  3. Hi, Antoine, Crosslake, MN is about 150 miles NNW of St. Paul, but I get the connection! 🙂 The interior is RPO 749 (black knitcloth front bucket seats and rear bench) and AK1 (Deluxe black seat/shoulder belts with brushed satin buckles). As far as I can tell, it is the original interior although the carpet has undoubtedly been replaced with the correct factory loop pile style. There is also no question that the black cloth seatcovers have sun-faded some over the years but there are no cuts, tears or snags in it so I was planning to use some cool upholstery dye that can be sprayed on directly without removing the seatcovers but just haven't gotten around to doing it yet. Even so, I don't believe cloth seatcovers will ever look as deep black as the vinyl seatcovers that I have in my other '70. I will send you a Private Message (PM) with additional information about the car.
  4. Yes, there are small pictures of both of my '70s just below my signature in each of my posts and I have included a few more of my SS below. Most of these photos were taken in 2011 soon after I bought it when I lived in Wichita, KS. It now resides in Crosslake, MN (garaged all winter, of course) and looks the same but has mechanical upgrades including load level compressor, complete front suspension rebuild, trailer hitch, detent shifter plate, keyless entry, power seat back releases, etc. It's a great cruiser and turns quite a few heads. I obviously have pictures of my '70 402 4-speed in FL, also, but they will probably have to pry that one out of my cold, dead hands! 😄
  5. MCfan

    power window install

    Hey, Sendo, I have included one photo of the fuse box on my '70 SS with factory power windows that shows the orange main power wires coming off the "BAT" terminal similar to the Buick photo. However, since you do not want the power windows to operate without your key in the ignition (for security reasons), the red (or pink) trigger wire for the power window relay (which should have come with your pw system) comes off the "ACC" tap which allows your power windows to operate only when the key is in the ignition and turned to the "Accessory" position whether the engine is running or not. If you are installing power windows on a low-optioned car, you may well have to install a longer power tang in that position of your fuse panel or, if there is already a tab there that is occupied by another power option wire, you can use a "piggy back" connector on the existing tab to add another tab for your power windows. When I added factory power windows to my low-optioned 4-speed '70, I ran a dedicated 30 amp (10 AWG) wire from a "C" battery tap all the way into my passenger compartment to a 6-position expansion fuse block that I mounted to the under edge of the dash just above my left knee when driving. That allowed me to provide main power to the power windows, the power door locks and the power seat back releases. It also allowed me to use the modern 2-legged fuses sized independently for each power option. I run a 30 A fuse for the windows. That really helps to un-clutter the main fuse panel and is much easier to change fuses, as well. Note that the trigger wire for the power window relay still goes to the "ACC" tab on the main fuse panel to prevent the windows from operating unless the key is present and turned to the "Accessory" position. I've included four photos of that approach below, also. Maybe you've installed factory power windows before, but I hadn't so I found it a bit tricky. Let me know if/when you have other questions as I have many more photos of my project. Good luck.
  6. Actually, I don't think you are being unrealistic since your price range and your wishes align fairly well. Obviously, a meticulously restored SS or a very low-mileage original is probably going to be well beyond $25K but there should still be some nice survivors in that range. It is fairly uncommon to find an SS with all of the load level system components intact, especially the compressor and factory brackets, but that can usually be solved with diligent shopping. We have one club member who found several '70 SS Montes last year but he's not been active on our forums for several months. I'll see if I can contact him and see if he has any leads for you. At some point, I will probably let my mostly original '70 SS go but I'm not sure I'm ready to do that just yet. Several of our members watch local listings for first gen Montes so be sure to check out the links they share from time to time. Good luck in your search.
  7. Welcome to the club and forums, Antoine! I can appreciate your desire to own an SS or big block first gen Monte ... they are great cars and a lot of fun! I don't blame you for looking for A/C either, BTW. Can you give us an idea of your preferences and budget? I think you said earlier that you like the more original cars, but what about color combos, interiors and equipment options? Are you looking for a restoration project, a daily driver, a show car or something else? Thanks for any additional specifics you can provide.
  8. Don't mean to add to any confusion, however, the cowl tag on my Van Nuys-built '70 SS has an "L" in the Assembly Plant position which is also confirmed in the VIN. The "L" was the assembly plant code for Los Angeles/Van Nuys. The only big block engine coding I am aware of occurs in the 5th position of the '72 VIN where "U" and "W" were used to designate the 402 and 454, respectively.
  9. Just checked the cowl tag on my Baltimore-built '70 402 but can't see an "L" anywhere. What position on the cowl tag was used and what did it designate ?
  10. MCfan

    Thoughts on this 70 454 SS

    Yes, according to the 1970 Assembly Manual, RPO T60 is shown on page 848 with a side post battery.
  11. MCfan

    Opinions everyone!

    My opinion? Love the white vinyl top! I know the attached photos are of a '70 in Autumn Gold, but I think the look is very similar. A vinyl roof adds one more degree of class to any first gen Monte, IMO.
  12. MCfan

    Floor shifter detent plate

    That's a very clever design, Dan! Good luck with your new plate!
  13. MCfan

    1972 MC Custom Numbers?

    Downloaded fine and loaded into Excel - looks good! Thanks for sharing.
  14. MCfan

    air ride compressor

    Sendo, I purchased my rebuilt compressor several years ago from FGMCC member Bob Lyman (lastss). I believe he is still in the business of refurbishing them as shown in this recent post (click on this LINK). Good luck.
  15. MCfan

    Little cold outside

    Darren, I was shocked to see the -68 and -82 but then I realized that was Celsius not Fahrenheit! Those temperatures would be -90 and -115, respectively, in Fahrenheit. I can't even comprehend experiencing such cold! Canadians must have antifreeze running through their veins! Stay safe, my friend.