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  1. MCfan

    WTB: 1st Gen Monte Diecast

    I bought that exact model in 2012 but paid less than half what that one is listed for. It would be nice if our first gen Montes had appreciated that much in the same time! I have been planning to paint mine gold to match my '70 SS but have been waiting to find some rally wheels instead of the five-spoke wheels than come on that particular model. There's a black '70 SS with what appears to be chrome rallys at this link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-RARE-AMERICAN-MUSCLE-ERTL-BLACK-1970-MONTE-CARLO-SS-454-1-18-SCALE-DIE-CAST/253931411499?_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIM.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20131231084308%26meid%3D52eb83cf9cfe4ee39d7e1f0750a47b62%26pid%3D100010%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D352474079498%26itm%3D253931411499&_trksid=p2047675.c100010.m2109
  2. MCfan

    Back in the Saddle...

    Good to have you back in the club, Kelly ... and this time with the real deal! Nothing like the front end of a nice '70 to get my blood pumping! I've completely rebuilt the front suspension of both my '70s and installed aftermarket A/C in one. Those were interesting and satisfying projects, among many others. Have fun and enjoy the club!
  3. MCfan

    Not so good.

    Darren, I am struggling to find any words to express my concern and sympathy for you regarding your worsening health condition. I'm glad you let us know so we can all be pulling for you every day with thoughts and prayers. I suppose you don't have to be concerned about treatment costs with Canadian national health care but I hope you also have a supportive employer, given that you will be unable to work for awhile. I hope you are getting good medical care and trust that you are willing and able to cooperate with their recommendations. Please keep us apprised of your condition and prognosis. Your positive attitude in spite of the pain and physical impairment may be your greatest asset. Wishing you all the best, my friend!
  4. The white one should bring big money based on apparent condition and options. The black one ... not so much.
  5. MCfan

    Which One and Why

    I already own my first and second choice and that's also the order I acquired them in. My modified '70 402 4-speed is simply a blast to drive and Florida is so flat that rolling backwards from a standing start is almost non-existent. Driving it while talking on a cell phone or sipping a drink, however, often requires a third hand so there are some drawbacks. My '70 SS is 99% stock but is still fun to cruise in, especially with the detent shifter plate which allows safe clutchless shifting when the hammer is down. My third choice is not on the list but I loved driving my first '70 402 auto, even with a column mounted gear selector. In stock condition, the de-tuned '71 and '72 models don't offer enough appearance improvement to out-rank the '70's performance and drive train choices. All three years are classic beauties and performance can be widely altered so I would be proud to own any of them. JMO.
  6. MCfan

    Hello from Cheyenne

    Welcome to the club and forums, Pete! That's a fine stable full of first gen Montes! There may be a few other lucky members who own a drive-able representative of all three years of the first generation, but I'd say it's pretty unusual - congratulations! I'm sure each of yours has a unique "personality" - wonder if it is ever difficult to decide which one to drive next? Enjoy the club and don't be bashful on the forums.
  7. MCfan

    Car Show Sunday

    Fantastic! That's an impressive trophy! Thanks for representing first gen Montes!
  8. Wasn't a member specifically looking for a Forest Green '70 earlier this year? Not sure if that one is factory forest green but it's really green ... inside and out.
  9. MCfan

    Potential 71 owner

    Cool - looks like everybody's happy! I'm glad we have some members who have the time, knowledge and skills to save first gen Montes from the salvage yard because I could never tackle a project like that, regardless of the initial price. Good work and good luck!
  10. MCfan

    1970 New member in South Jersey

    Welcome, Joel! Glad you were able to satisfy your craving for a '70 Monte with such a nice specimen - it's obvious that it has had a lot of time, money and TLC invested in it already! Looks like it might be factory Astro Blue - exclusive to the '70 model year. You apparently bought it from another FGMCC member which is also good. I know about love affairs with '70 Montes and have thoroughly enjoyed the three I've owned off and on over the past 48 years. Hope you continue to enjoy driving your nice ride and applying your personal touch to it along the way. Keep us posted on your progress, please.
  11. MCfan

    HEI conversion

    Hi, Doug, I can't help you with your alternator or voltage regulator questions but I can tell you what worked for me when I converted to an HEI distributor with a factory tach in the dash. The tach wire is brown and simply moves from your old coil over to the tach port on your HEI distributor. If I remember correctly, I had to crimp a new female spade connector on the end of the brown wire to properly plug into the tach port which is a male spade sticking down inside the connector box on the driver's side of the HEI. In the second photo below of the HEI unit, the tach port is just outboard of the connector already plugged into the connector box near the lower right corner of the photo. (see photo below) Unfortunately, I am over 1,800 miles from that Monte right now so I can't confirm my recollection. I had also heard the recommendation to run an independent 10 ga twisted copper wire from the IGN port in the fuse box directly through the firewall to the power port on the HEI. It is the fat red wire with the light blue shielded connector plugged into the IGN port of the fuse panel in the lower right corner of the first photo below. I did not make any changes to the alternator or voltage regulator during the distributor swap.
  12. MCfan

    71 in MN

    Looks like a '70 to me ...
  13. Gorgeous Montes!! Love the skirts! Did you build or buy the convertible? Looks like it just came from the factory! Thanks for sharing.
  14. MCfan

    Testing New Site Picture Posting

    Great photos, Rob! Your Model A is striking. Did you buy it that way or have you restored it?
  15. MCfan

    New Member - SE PA 1970 Monte SS

    Hey, Brad, I forgot to mention that you can do a quick fix to your stance concern if your SS still has air shocks on the rear. Mine have lines that are individually terminated with Schrader valves at the rear crossmember so I can raise the rear a bit with more air pressure. It will definitely stiffen the ride, however, so don't overdo it. My SS was also missing the compressor and brackets when I bought it but I've been able to replace those items from other members and salvage yard scrounging. Hooking the now complete system up is still on my to do list. First Gen Montes often appear to be high in front (or low in the rear) because the wheel well openings are somewhat deeper in front than in the rear. Measuring ground clearance at the front and rear of the lower rocker panel is a good way to set the stance you want.