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  1. wow is that what concrete looks like in a garage..lol..nice work
  2. used a one piece...took lots of time and effort and an international trip to leos to get the piece i needed
  3. hi all.... has anyone ever considered using a 3m or better ?double sided tape to keep these pieces on instead of using the tabs ?
  4. for me that's about 700.00..ouch
  5. hey guys its been awhile...getting back to my project now...can i get a depth measurement from inside lip of rear 1/4 to inner fender well?..2 measurement of inner fenderwell to frame pls as i a am back halfing the frame and have lost all my measurements through my move/divorce...And yes she let me have my "piece of crap car" i will be narrowing the axle and already have tires/rims regards...bill
  6. stock up on bourbon and aspirin my friend...wow
  7. Boots

    Halo top

    if you want the halo... purchase the trim and place it on the car in a ghost position and mark where it is on the car.... then you will know where the studs can go
  8. you will need to separate frame and body for a full 1 piece
  9. you will be bent over with border fees and shipping charges..i would try an auto body shop and order through them..or a napa
  10. doesn't blue print sell long block WITH a really good warranty ????...better money spent that way.imho .....rather than HE will get it checked out
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