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Mini-meet in Summerland, BC Sep 10-11, 2022

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Endless Summer 1970-72 Monte Carlo Meet
Summerland, BC
September 10-11, 2022

I'm putting together a mini-meet in Summerland, BC on Sep 10-11. We will be attending a car show and I will also organize a cruise. I'll call this the Making Up For Lost Time Mini-Meet. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me at 250-462-8444 or dodsyaaron@gmail.com.


Saturday Sep 10th - Endless Summer Show and Shine 8am-4pm
This is a great little show in the park with 300-350 cars, live band in the band shell, awards and door prizes. Details and pre-registration for the show here: http://www.applevalleycruisers.ca/endless-summer-2/


There’s also the Summerland Fall Fair the same day as the car show. This is a nice alternative if you are bringing someone who doesn’t want to sit at the car show all day.

Both events are walking distance from the hotel.

Sunday Sep 11th - Monte Carlo Cruise 10am-4pm
Cruise through the Okanagan Valley. I have a great route planned for the day with several scenic stops along the way. One stop in particular has great views and a ton of vintage autos.

Rosedale Motel info

I recommend you book as soon as you can if you plan to attend since there are two events happening in Summerland that weekend. This is the same hotel we have used at for several Western Meets.

Coming in from the United States

For those of you coming from the US you will need to be double vaccinated to enter Canada and have a passport. Currently there is also an app you need to download on your phone and complete the questionnaire (ArriveCan). April and I just did this app for our trip to the Western Meet and it was really simple. There is talk of removing this requirement but it hasn't happened yet. Let me know if you have any questions.

The Okanagan Valley

For those that have not been here this area offers huge lakes, great scenery, hundreds of wineries and several beaches.

This will be a great time!

Please let me know if you are coming so I can plan accordingly. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.




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This meet is coming together nicely. Now that the Western Meet is over, I'm really looking forward to this one!

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We have 8 Monte Carlos set to attend this meet so far.

For those of you coming into Canada from the US, I have added some info to the original post above.

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Registered. Looking forward to another road trip in the monte. Hopefully not as rainy 🌧 as the journey to hood river

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2 months to go!

It looks like we’ll have a great attendance for this meet. Several hotel rooms already booked and more to come.

I drove the cruise route today and checked out our cruise stops. I hope to have that route finalized soon.

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Several rooms are booked. Be sure to get your room booked as soon as you can if you plan to attend.



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It looks like we'll have roughly 10 or so Montes at this meet. Here's a sneak peek at one of our cruise stops. Acres of stuff to look at here.

May be an image of car and outdoors

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There’s a few people from the Edmonton, AB area driving to the meet as a group. If you would like to join send a message to Jason or myself.

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Just over 5 weeks to go!


Be sure to get your hotel room booked and register for the Endless Summer car show if you haven't already done so. 😎


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The cruise route is coming together. I just got confirmation from the owners of a very special property that we can stop by for an extended visit for lunch. They have a large private collection of cars and memorabilia scattered around the property like nothing you’ve seen before. The property also has great views of the surrounding area. This photo is just a teaser of what is at this property.



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Wow, three weeks of preparation.  That time will fly by if you have those last minute items to check off your to do list.  Hopefully you guys will have beautiful weather and another very successful mini- meet. I know everyone will have a wonderful time, Aaron always has a well thought out entertaining weekend of activities.  

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Details for the weekend:

DAY - I will be available all day Friday so feel free to contact me when you are in town. No specific plans for this day but we can wash cars, cruise along the beach, etc.
EVENING - We'll likely spend the rest of the evening in the Motel parking lot/pool area.

CAR SHOW - We will be rolling out of the Rosedale Motel at 7:30 for the car show. The hotel is only a few blocks away from the park if you wish to walk back to the hotel for any reason.
We will have 6 first gen Monte Carlos in our group and there will be a few other first gen owners around also. The car show will end at roughly 4pm.
DINNER - April and I will be hosting a BBQ at the house starting at 5pm.

CRUISE - We will leave the Rosedale Motel at 10am. The first stop we will have an extended stay of up to 2 hours at a very nice property with a private car collection. Everyone should bring their own lunch in a cooler. Note that you can have a beer or two on this property if you wish. We will continue on the cruise and make short stops for some viewpoints and ice cream along the way. I plan to be back to the Motel no later than 4pm.
EVENING - We'll likely spend the rest of the evening in the Motel parking lot/pool area.

If you need my cell number please send me a message.


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We had a fun weekend with the car show and cruise. This is a great group. Here are some photos from the weekend.

Len and I cruised the beach Friday afternoon.


We had a Monte party at my place Friday night.



Car show Saturday in the park. The weather was amazing. We had a BBQ at my place in the evening.



Sunday we did a cruise. A little smoke rolled in from a wildfire but it was still a great day. We stopped at a private property with a lot of great old cars. The owners gave us a full tour with many stories to go along with the many vehicles. Ken the owner offers beer to anyone who wants one and says “Old cars always look better with a beer in your hand.” This truly is a special place to check out and everyone enjoyed it. We were there for 3 hours before moving on to a few other stops at viewpoints and ice cream.




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