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  1. Rancid87

    different 700R4's ?

    He probably used a brake switch that has two sets of contacts. One for the brake lights and the other would go to the tcc.
  2. Rancid87

    different 700R4's ?

    If it doesn't have the port to the left of the servo you may just need to drill and tap it yourself if the case has the boss. As an alternate, you could drill and tap the servo cover.
  3. Rancid87

    Not having a great day today ...

    My personal opinion from the pictures is the car is repairable. I'm unsure what your agreed upon value is with the insurance company but worst case they total it, you buy it back, retain the clean title, and repair it. Any idea when the appraiser is coming out?
  4. Rancid87

    Not having a great day today ...

    The news about the car is terrible but you're okay and that's all that really matters. Everything always works out for the best in the end!
  5. Rancid87

    New ‘72 owner- already grinding away!

    Welcome aboard! You might be able to find a parts car to section some pieces of roof from. I will likely be replacing my roof in the next couple months Aside from the roof it looks like a very nice car!
  6. Rancid87

    Monte Carlo Key chains ?

    I'd be down for one or two also.
  7. Rancid87

    Nos Monte parts needed

    Hi Jeff - I sent you a PM. I have a set of NOS quarters. Steve
  8. Rancid87

    1970 New member in South Jersey

    Welcome from another new member from southern NJ! Sweet looking car! Steve
  9. Rancid87

    New Member - SE PA 1970 Monte SS

    Congrats from another new member! Very very nice looking car!
  10. Rancid87

    New member in NJ!

    Thanks guys for the nice welcome! Hi Dave, I'm in Berlin. I'm a glutton for punishment so I'm likely to just fix what I have! I'll pm you! Thanks again! Steve
  11. Rancid87

    A few of the toys...

    Very cool collection!
  12. Rancid87

    New member in NJ!

    Thanks for the welcome guys! MC1of80 - It needs a good amount of metal work (quarters, floors repaired, trunk floor, rockets, etc- typical stuff) I'm planning to hit up Englishtown on the 28th to try to find some fenders and maybe a door. Mice used the interior as a playground so I have since pulled it all out. Pretty gross stuff. Worst I've seen! Thanks again guys! Steve
  13. Rancid87

    New member in NJ!

    Hi guys, I just wanted to say Hi! since I'm a new member. I' purchased a rough 72 Monte Carlo probably about a year ago and am finally getting ready to start working on it. Should be fun! Steve