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  1. bigtankjones

    48 years ago today!

    One day Bruce. I want to meet ya. You come up to Frankenmuth Auto Fest allot.
  2. bigtankjones

    New to Group

    Welcome to the site.
  3. bigtankjones

    Newbie - 7vntyMnty

  4. bigtankjones

    Hello from IOWA

  5. bigtankjones

    Build sheets

    Lucky. I've only found one in my car. Which was the one under the left rear seat.
  6. bigtankjones

    Advice on paint removal

    I have and use that same trim removal tool Tim. Works good I think. Me. I couldn't afford to have the Monte stripped or media blasted. I bought lots of 60,80 and 120 grit sanding discs. I sanded my paint down to bare metal in some areas And down to the original layer of color in other areas.
  7. bigtankjones

    North shore classic red Monte

    Seat material kind of looks original to the car. Hence the faded color and stains.
  8. bigtankjones

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter to All.
  9. bigtankjones

    Hood hinges broken...

    Wheel. I bought my set from Rock Auto. These where a AMD (Auto Metal Direct) part. These are the stock style. I've had them on my Monte for 2years now with no issues so far.
  10. bigtankjones

    New Member I think

    Looks really Great.
  11. bigtankjones


    Go to the search engine at the top of the FGMCC page here. Type in Fan Shoud Staples. There are a few posts about this same subject. Looks like the Parts place may not carry them. Good Luck.
  12. bigtankjones

    Who am I?

    Old Age forgetfulness. LOL. 😊😉
  13. bigtankjones

    New member for about a week now

    Welcome steve. Looks like a nice car.
  14. bigtankjones

    After a 3 year hiatus...

    Very nice Vinny
  15. bigtankjones


    Welcome to the FGMCC & To The Blue Crew