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    family, My 70 monte, wifes 86 firebird
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  1. bigtankjones

    Signing In

    I've had issues signing in in the past. I know the browser was down the other day for the site
  2. bigtankjones

    New Members and Full forum Access

    I actually got a email the other day reminding me to renew my membership by the end of the month. 😊
  3. bigtankjones

    Cypress, TX

    Welcome to the boards
  4. bigtankjones

    Plainfield IN car show

    Congratulations Larry.
  5. bigtankjones

    New Member In Ohio

    Welcome Beautiful Monte
  6. bigtankjones

    Hello All from PA

    Welcome to the Site.
  7. Hey Paul. What do you think you may need. Post pictures of the damage. I can look in my stash to see if I got anything to help you out.
  8. bigtankjones

    Monte Pull Behind Problem

    Hey I've seen that trailer before.
  9. I know Rob. I'll get her out next week after the camper is out of the driveway. Got to Renes firebird out to.
  10. Stared at Ole Blue while I was BBQing. I'm hoping I can get the ole girl out of the garage this summer.
  11. bigtankjones

    48 years ago today!

    One day Bruce. I want to meet ya. You come up to Frankenmuth Auto Fest allot.
  12. bigtankjones

    New to Group

    Welcome to the site.
  13. bigtankjones

    Newbie - 7vntyMnty

  14. bigtankjones

    Hello from IOWA

  15. bigtankjones

    Build sheets

    Lucky. I've only found one in my car. Which was the one under the left rear seat.