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  1. bigtankjones

    My apologies

    Yep. Sounds like a guilty conscience. Lol. You know I'm the same way Green Tony.
  2. bigtankjones

    72 Clone on Ebay

    I hope this seller is honest about this sale. 😊
  3. bigtankjones

    New Member - SE PA 1970 Monte SS

    Welcome to the club. Very beautiful car.
  4. bigtankjones

    Car Show Sunday

    Very cool Larry. Tell Glendia Rene and I said Hello
  5. bigtankjones

    72 New member from SC. Cheers!

  6. bigtankjones

    1,000 Miles and a Good Frame

    Yes. Very cool.
  7. bigtankjones

    Testing New Site Picture Posting

    Very cool photos. Rob. I was only 2 years old then. Lol
  8. bigtankjones

    New member in NJ!

    Welcome to the First Generation Monte Carlo Club.
  9. Im Outside working on my Silverado parts for my truck when I turn around and see a Bay City PD Tahoe at the end of my driveway. I walk up to the officer. He is smiling from ear to ear. I have my 70 Monte parked at the end of the driveway so I can work on my truck parts. He tells me that he and his son are having a argument about which classic wheels look better on old cars. Cragars & American Racing. The Officer says that he is a Cragar SS fan. He stopped to get pictures of my monte and close ups of the Mags. LOL. Rene and I thought was he was the one that was looking for me last year when I was coming back from a car show and horsing around. Pretty Cool I thought
  10. bigtankjones

    Found a cool pic when i was a young gearhead

    WOW. That's pretty cool.
  11. bigtankjones

    Thanks Mike Boyte

    I got to help Mike prop up his hood on the '72 in Norwalk Ohio two eastern meet ago.
  12. bigtankjones

    Death Valley Monte

    Looks Great Jared
  13. bigtankjones

    New from the Bold North

    Welcome Looks like a nice start. I loved it when my kids would get involved with working on my Monte or the other cars. Cant wait to see more pictures of your progress
  14. bigtankjones

    March/April FGMCC Newsletter

  15. bigtankjones

    Is it a secret?

    I've got a couple more years.