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  1. 1970mcss

    New guy

    Welcome to madness, we like pictures. Keep us posted on the restoration.
  2. Glen. my car has the fiber optic ash tray light. My build sheet shows code U28 ASH TRAY LIGHT. I'm not sure if that helps
  3. Great follow up and writeup on your problem. I'm not good at testing with a multimeter but always learning
  4. Looks great, brand new
  5. The AMK kits are very complete. I used the interior kit and it covered everything I needed, highly recommended.
  6. I went to this company for my speakers. I hope it helps Classic Car Speakers (turnswitch.com)
  7. Jim, you beat me to it. I was looking for a picture too. That should help
  8. Dennis this is a link to the website I told him I would post it on the forum. Marketplace - locally Made Koozie Holders | Facebook
  9. I had this Coozie holder made for my garage/ workshop. I found the guy on facebook here in Illinois. I asked him if he could stamp out the Monte crest. He said it was to complicated but he said he could do the Monte script. It was going to have it powerboat black to match my car but I thought the red stood better. If anyone is interested I can get his info. He also has other designs.
  10. Do you have the compressor? I may have one to sell that might need a rebuild. I haven't had the time to check it out
  11. Are the factory wire harnesses still in the car? The yellow black and grey are a factory radio connector
  12. I don't know that there are parts available for a rebuild. What do you have and what do you need?
  13. Then shrink wrap or bubble wrap the motor until its back in
  14. It's looking good, just in time for spring
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