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Upper radiator hose/fan shroud interference


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It's always bothered me that the upper radiator hose rested on the lip of the radiator shroud so I made a relief cut in the shroud using a Dremel tool and smoothed it out and polished it to match with some 1500 grit sandpaper. Now the hose isn't rubbing on that sharp(ish) edge and it looks fairly natural.

I've seen a small sleeve on some hoses that would prevent the hose itself from rubbing on the shroud. Perhaps the original hoses were molded differently/better to avoid the rubbing. It seems like most parts in the aftermarket that are designed to "bolt on" need some sort of modification to fit or work properly.



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9 hours ago, Canuck said:

Nice work. My hoses don’t sit on that ridge. There are three different shrouds depending on engine/radiator combination.

I'd be curious to know the variations/differences. I'd like to have the correct shroud on my car (if I don't). Are there any suppliers that make the three different shrouds? I've only seen one.

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After a long engineering study and some serious thought I came up with another route …. 😇

I cut the bottom out of an old beer can wrap and it seems to work. 




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2 minutes ago, cny first gen 71 said:

Here's 2 of them 


Yes, I remember seeing that image in a post a while back. I definitely have the one on the left but I was curious if there were two small block variations based the small (narrow) vs large (wide) radiator. I'm guessing they're the same.

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Small radiator. Typically a small block with no AC but some non-AC cars got the larger rad if a towing package was ordered. This was for 70 and 71 only I believe and not very common. I have not seen a 72 with a small rad. Also note that the proper rad hose is impossible to find. I buy the one for the longer rad and cut it to make if fit as best as I can.



Small block with longer rad (very common)



Big block


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