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  1. Bummer Jay. Hope it works out in time for the meet.
  2. It looks pretty good to me right now. 😛
  3. Bummer brother. Very sad. May the force be with you.
  4. Interesting there are a few opinions and most seem to land on metal finish. After soaking mine in evaporust, I see black paint on mine. I asked the original owner about if he ever painted anything under there and he said no. I’m inclined to think they were painted black from the factory. It would be good to hear from Leo. Thanks for the replies.
  5. I see black and grey or metal finish. Does anyone know what the factory finish was?
  6. Cool post. I have my triple black 71 SS so it was hard to choose something I already had. Went with the 71 4 speed but would want the bucket console interior. I kind of made my own 5 speed version. 🙂
  7. Wow Mike, sorry this happened to you. Glad you’re okay. No idea on the claim.
  8. Hey brother, sorry to hear about this. In my prayers buddy.
  9. Pretty sure I’m in the last body bushing holes at the back with no problems. I’ll take a picture for you tomorrow when it’s light.
  10. I’m starting to see how these build threads are a great record as a car evolves over the years. Nice that the posts are dated so I don’t have to remember.
  11. I did Comp Cams hydraulic roller valve train in my 454 and it makes a lot of noise. Sewing machine like. Eventually I got used to it. I believe it’s a common complaint
  12. Sounds like you’ve diagnosed your problem. Relay needs power and ground to operate. You proved power.
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