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Fuel for 454


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This may have been covered in many ways before but looking for a boiled down consensus..


if only unleaded ethanol containing fuel is available... what does one use in 1970 Monte SS?



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6 minutes ago, imr said:

the highest octane possible and dont let ethanol added fuel sit long. it damages your fuel system. 

Ok.. but realistically how does one achieve this?

based on how we drive these cars. ( occasionally).. and the advice to keep tank full to avoid condensation... how does one not let the fuel sit long?

do additives help? Eg Stabil,?

what about stp lead alternative? Is it still available?

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the Stabilizer does help. I would prefer Rec90 fuel which many auto enthusiast and boat users use. If you have a stock big block the fuel should have enough octane. 

I know I let a car sit for a years and I had to clean the fuel system and on my 4 wheelers they run bad until I refuel. 

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Have you considered AvGas ? I know its pricey (I think $5 a gallon last time I bought some) but for a weekend driver it all works out. Smaller airports will sell it to you, some have strict rules about being metal gas cans to put fuel in some don't. We have a Sunoco that sells it along with race fuel so I get 10 gallons when I make a run.

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