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  1. thats very cool Rob. I cant wait to here about it
  2. Break a leg Rob. take some back prop shots for us. you know if their are no pictures it didnt happen
  3. congratulation iam right behind you in 10 years.
  4. Get Jay Leno too. He loves cars and does host
  5. imr

    New Guy Here

    How did you strip the frame
  6. that seems like a fair price
  7. what are we talking about price wise
  8. Well it was the first thing i told my kids no one will see them but it will bother me forever. Not a stupid question. I like original. ill sell thenother stuff and try recoupe. who knows maybe it will become wall art
  9. I wasnt sure, but i will let you know if i dont like the ones i get. PM me what you have for a 70
  10. i just googled these numbers and they look the same both years
  11. those look very cool. congratulations
  12. when i search for 70 on ebay, and Market place they all look like the black one. it is also what i remember from the 80s. Maybe it is an old after market one. none of my searches finds that one
  13. I was taking apart the head lights on the 70 Monte and notice that one is very different and I dont remember that style. one had the body color over spay on it and one was the satin black. Can one be from a 72 Monte?
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