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  1. imr


    if your towing you will like that truck better. those mirrors make a world of difference. good luck
  2. post the results I am following. I suspect a bad 02, but who knows.
  3. it looks like bank 2 o2 sensor might be bad. the scanner shows a difference also, i beleieve the should be close in numeration. didnyou replace numver 1 o2.
  4. Make you have your reference voltage to your o2 sensor. if you have a scanner make sure your get a reading from the o2 sensor. it might be a bad 02 or wiring
  5. does it have auto start or the autoshut off while idle
  6. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F184061896169 it is a 7 blade, 19inch. that seems to be correct
  7. Pat I am in Miami Fl, dont know if you mean that Miami. I do see the difference and now i have to look and see how they seal. Precision looks like they have an edge. What i saw with your felt was your chrome is thin and has the rubber that over laps onto the body. My chrome is wide and has no rubber over the body. I like yours better.
  8. Par can you post a pic showing the difference. i got all my seals from soffseal. i didnt see a problem with them but i had no seal to compare to. the window seal i have not installed but they do look different and dont seem to fit right, although i could make them work. did you use the existing holes installing the door outer felt?
  9. I honestly would talk to Jared. you can see what went into it, and it is pretty rust free build. maybe if he hasnt finished paint you can pick a color. I would ask
  10. I didn't see and cars showing but i counted maybe 5 on the show field including 1 tubbed Monte. Weather was perfect. Thursday was nice, but Friday was crowed. I scored a 71 Fischer Body Manual. Bought some shop supplies. The kids loved it and had fun, which was a test run for Carlisle.
  11. hope eveyone had a great thanksgiving. Tom hope you were able to enjoy some. i attended the Turkey Rod Run in Daytona Beach then drove to miami for dinner with my family then drove back to orlando. So we can go to the car show again. What matters is the friends and Family i shared it with. Rob funny while driving i was listenimg to Alices Restaurant and singing along, while my kids thought I was crazy.
  12. whos here on Thankshiving. ill be there by 10am.
  13. Ibwas wondering if it could be made. ill have to take one apart and see.
  14. quadrajet power.com has parts. tou can buy retored base plate or anything else
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