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  1. imr

    Fuel for 454

    i tried that website and it does not come up
  2. oh you have one of those. that definitely makes sense. let us know.
  3. odd to have no spark in 1 cylinder. recheck cap, rotor wires. make sure the tang in the cap drops in the notch of the distributor. the ones that have spark what color is the spark?
  4. do you have spark in the other 7 cylinders? how much play do you have in the distributor shaft?
  5. imr


    that is pretty neat and welcome
  6. imr

    7 Years Ago

    glad you pulled through. a blessing and a blessing to have you in this group
  7. yes sir. that is him. he is also on fb market place.
  8. there is a guy in Brooksville. Ken who has monte parts cars. look on craiglist in ocala.
  9. looks great welcome
  10. you got pictures will be the next question. what part of central florida
  11. i believe they are forward of the read wheels in the frame. i dont have a monte here to look at. the trailing arm on the right looks like it hit something but i have not spent enough time to tell you if its bent.
  12. I believe on Montes you have 4 holes. its not a perfect system. make sure you guid rod goes in straight not on an angle.
  13. it has been a while but i recall onnsome cars they had a hole on the frame and one on the body, you could stick a 1/2 or 3/4 bar in there to align body on frame.
  14. that would be cool to mess with. good luck
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