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  1. imr

    Found a '70 SS

    Dan told you on FB your the man. I am glad a member got this car, and your talents will serve this ride well. Congratulations on what looks like a nice find. looking forward to seeing this build
  2. Tom on the early 70 what secure the top. I believ my 70 had the early version and i can not get it to stay in place. i have tried double sided tape but fl heat kills it.
  3. imr

    How You Doin

    I am a Transit Bus Maintenance Supervisor. Today we will reduce service to a weekend/holiday schedule. We do not forsee the total elimination of transit service. My kids have been home since last thursday, doing online school work. Transit rider ship is down about 70%. Stay safe
  4. imr

    70 Hood Spear Width

    whoops typo 71/72 hood. My current dilema.
  5. imr

    70 Hood Spear Width

    7/16. it wont cover the hole on a 70 or 71 hood
  6. You can send out a used set to be rebuilt which can include factory coating, new hinge pins and repaired hole sizes.
  7. yes they can and they will turn colors again.
  8. when you say just got them so you mean new, because they look like they have been on a vehicle
  9. thanks kevin. i have heard that but i have really never noticed
  10. media blasting makes a mess and i dont recommend doing in a garage. also silica which is in the media can cause health issues. if your not lifting the body and working in the garage i would recommend sanding and with wheels and brushes. not know your space its hard to say but seperating a body and frame can be done in a garage. just roll the frame outside. although time consuming you will get better results. post some pics weblove pics
  11. i am looking for an original ac hose for a big block. used hoses are fine. i am trying to see if i can duplicate it and see how rhe crimps are. looking for complete hose from the compressor.
  12. that is good info. i went with a 2 part urethane called hot rod black semi gloss and that seem to work well.
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