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  1. I believe i logged 1200 about. nice ride, big car so iam no crampped. i am still driving south. I am currently in South Carolina
  2. i sure did drive it. so far no problems. no complaints from the kids either. ac on the whole way
  3. Mark if its ok with you when i get back from PA would love to meet up. I drove the Monte up to the show from Miami.
  4. Mark you can buy the kit to adapt to 134 at autozone. If yoir system stood open for any lengjt of time i would replace the dryer. Your POA should be adjusted if your using 134a or eliminated. Original air recommends you replace your condenser if your going with 134. I agree you should also. If you do replace your dryer and its an original one or delete the POA i would be interested. i have the other 70 to assemble and i use r12.
  5. our 70s look. the kids dyed the shirts and i made my pants
  6. First meet it was great. Rob did well with all of it. The kids had fun, I loved it. It was great seeing live people and there cars. Cant wait for the next one
  7. Xylene will work, slow dry so you can work with it. Acetone or lacquer thinner will work, i have used it all to clean plastic and rubber, just dont soak it.
  8. i went with an ac delco it was around $230 no core wanted
  9. i have done this my whole working life but once in awhile you get a curve ball. when i did my testing it came to the starter. i just wouldnt accept a new starter(not rebuilt) could be bad and have the same problem as the old one. indeed it was the starter. yesterday and today drove in traffic and made a few stops i have had no problems
  10. I used a new gm starter, what through me off with my car is that i replaced the original starter for this reason. did you do a voltage drop test. can you run a temporary line to the S side of the starter. see if you can start it when it acts up. you have to look at it in sections. make sure you have a good battery, battery cables also fail and they can look new. make sure your grounds are good if you painted your engine make sure your pad on the block is free of paint. clean the mounting point on the block where the ground cable attaches. the positive side has several places to corrode. you have a point where the bat line connects behind the battery, a stud. clean it. then from there you have on the driverside it goes to the horn regulator clean both areas. between the regulator and head light area you have a splice joint that is taped over do a voltage drop test or untape it. from there it runs to the bulk connector which runs in the car did you find an issue to this point.
  11. i just went through this. i replaced, starter, battery, bat cables, neutral safety switch, ignition switch, pulled the bulk head apart found red terminal corroded replaced both male and female. still had a no start when hot. because i was sure everything was good i replaced the starter again. that did the trick. the new starter was bad
  12. imr

    70 no start when hot

    I have 12.5 volt at the starter Bat and when i turn the key i get 12. at the solwnoid wire. i have a heat shield on order but i dont think that is the issue
  13. imr

    70 no start when hot

    if i remove the Solenoid wire from the starter and measure volts to the wire from battery ground i loose less than .5volts but circuit stays over 12 volts.
  14. imr

    70 no start when hot

    nothing. I hear the flasher relay. i have lights. but wont turn over.
  15. It seems that when the car gets hot it wont start. i have a BBC. the battery and cables are new, the starter is a delco new, i have taken voltage readings and the seem normal from the battery to the red on the bulk head and the solenoid wire from the bulk head to the starter. thebignition switch and nuetral safety switch is new also. I am not condeming the new starter because the old starter did the same thing. any clues or ideas. thanks
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