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  1. maybe you can use an airline feral for the metal piece.
  2. i bought this car around 1984 i was still in HS. 69 camaro SS convertible. 350 4 speed. I still have this car buried in the garage. this will be my retirment project.
  3. is there a paint code for the rocker black? Last paint detail on the 70 body
  4. i plan on driving from miami fl to carlise pa in june for the eastern meet with my 2 kids in for the ride with me.
  5. where is it leakimg from. they are easy to rebuild. they usually get dented from people using a pry bar to tighten the belt.
  6. yeah thats bull. very unfair. happened to me a few times. now i inspect and pickup all at once. I am sure you will get the real story one day, you cant hide that car. sorry dan
  7. nice very cool find. cant wait to see the progress
  8. i hope they get it but i dont think so.
  9. yeah i hear you about the ac. i havent looked, but they are fairly simple systems. I will check it during my off time sun/mon.
  10. good deal. i have an ac problem also. ac compressor comes on but no blower. i havent even started to check it yet.
  11. Get er done and head west. will be my first show
  12. https://www.carlisleevents.com/events/events-detail/index?id=winter+autofest+lakeland I will be showing my car at this show. I was selected for the 50th anniversary celebration. It will be show cased. this is an all new experience.
  13. Willie, Dennis they ho for a lot more.
  14. good deal Rob. On the road to Carlise get it done.
  15. Thank you Dennis. the Monte has been painted i happy its done but not completely satisfied. I just see things i would have fixed had i been the painter or body person. i have some seal work to do still a lot of cleaning. I need wheel wells and would like to rechrome the bumpers. Car runs great so far. I am taking baby steps and i have to be ready for Carlisle. I also will have the car in the Lakeland show in February. Dennis will you be at the lakeland show in february
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