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Fender Molding

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I need the passenger side molding on the lower front fender (that has the cutout for the marker light. It is available as part of an entire 10 piece set, but the rest of my molding is good so incurring that cost seems silly if I can find the part. I can recondition this piece but that is a pain (plus, I'm not great at it).

Any leads are appreciated!




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Hey Joe, You didn't say front or rear but it looks like the front. As Tom stated they are always on ebay but usually sold in sets. keep your eyes peeled and you will find one but you have to keep looking. I know there were a set a month ago on ebay.

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I have a couple that are a little better than yours but still need work and one thats a little better but still has scratches on the bottom. I sold a pair of new ones a while back that I had laying around for a bunch of years. I did buy a couple off ebay quite a few years back that wasn't a complete set.


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3 hours ago, cny first gen 71 said:

🤯 wow I sold the set I had for about 20 bucks plus shipping but they were aftermarket but still nice.

I bought a set of Front/Rear NOS some years ago and remember approx. between the Front/Rear I paid pretty close to $400.00.  Skeptical based on price at the time but now glad I have them if needed.


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