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Pre-Trip Upgrades and New License Plate

Jared Richey

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Well I took the notion to really upgrade the 1970 Monte before the trip to the meet.

I already had a stock chevy distributor that was converted to Petronix so...


I installed that distributor, and 45000 volt Flame Thrower Coil, installed the 8mm Taylor wires I had ready for it and put in a new set of spark plugs gapped to 0.045 for the high output ignition.

Changed the oil and filter and used Royal Purple Oil.

Only thing left to do is install my new spark plug wire looms to make the wires neat.

I get 17-18 highway MPG with the old ignition system, so I hope to improve a little.


IPulled all wheels off and checked brakes, cleaned rear brakes with brake cleaner, checked air pressure/ added air to air shocks, Greased all front end joints. Only thing left as for as checks is to check trans/Power steering/ Rear End Fluids.


And repaint my Wheels. grin And then drive almost 700 Miles to the Eastern Meet. smile This will be this car's longest mileage trip, 585 to Indy, 600 to PA, and now about 688 or so. This is the best car I've ever had and probably ever will have.


And last but not least I got a new license plate, I won't say what it is, but I know all of you will LOVE it. So I will not post a pic on the boards till AFTER the Eastern Meet. grin








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Upgrades and routine maintenance always pay off well. Enjoy it. It looks great. smile


We've had so much rain this spring that I can't even park a car in the grass. A floor jack would just bury itself. It's raining again this morning and the front yard has had water standing in it about 70% of the time since Feb. We're ready for a dry spell. frown



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Yeah we've had a lot of rain too. Although the crisp 90 degree heat dries it up.

If I would have gotten under the car I would have used a jack stand of course.


"DANG" was a great guess, but wrong. lol


And Jack, I'll help as much as I can, lets find a shade. grin

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Wish you were going to Steve!


Ok, I got my spark plug wire looms installed and while I was at it, took off the valve covers and repainted them. Also got my wheels repainted.


Except for some packing of cleaning supplies, tools, and an extra part or two, its ready to go.

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