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Billet Grille for FGMC coming!


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I hope better than the guy I was dealing with last year. He was gung-ho on the project until he got a good job that was going to pay very well and he lost all interest in custom work. frown


Thats too bad Allan... whatever happened to good ole' craftsmanship, even if your not making a million bucks of the project? I guess thats out the window just like everything else, right?


I met a guy a few years back and same difference; he was ready to rock, so I brought the grille up to his shop and then he was like "Well... we could do it but grilles are really fragile, and I wouldn't want to mess it up. It's going to cost a bunch."


All I could think was "Well what the H*ll do you think most grilles are made out of I-beams?"

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Economical or not, here is the Monte Carlo Prototype:




I think it looks S W E E T.....


The 71 Chevelle grille sells for $199 & shipping. I am talking to the company about a group purchase for us....

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I've already started looking Bob.


I am actually thinking about LED's in the lower corners of the billet grill as the blinkers. Fairly cheap and certainly custom. Just what I need, another project. smile


I saw a security vehicle on base today with the flashing led's mounted on the grille which got me to thinking about it.


So far I have found these although making them flash just as turn signals might take a little work...




They can be found on this Web Site



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Too late, here is the latest from the manufacturer:


The price is NO comparable with our 71 Chevelle billet grille, we have our own pricing policy: cost, demand and market value. easily understand why a house in San Francisco is more expensive than the one in other place, even they are exactly same. but dont worry, we will have a reasonable price, we are a manufacturer, we make grilles for selling, not for scaring people
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Andreas, who are you talking to?? I think $200 is too good to be true for what most expectations are. People are probably looking for a replacement grille and the upper horizontal and vertical sides would be necessary for that. It would move the cost up a bunch but what is the alternative guys? A $2000-3000 NOS grille, especially for a '72? What is currently being shown would be more of a custom application and not to replace the stock grille..JMO...I know Zoops in Banning Ca. has been adding some billet grilles to their line up, if you haven't talked to them you might try. They were going to use my Chevelle to check one they were developing but found another one. They could use our Monte to measure for a '72 and I think there's a member, Geroge, who lives in Banning. Also know a local guy with a '70 and you could try to contact Jaylene (although I have not been able to reach her lately) if they're interested...Dave

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$200 sounded a little to good to be true IMO.


The Monte grill has the wider peice up top, which makes it look a lot better and worth more than the $200 chevelle grill.


I'm very anxious though like everyone else to find out the final price.

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Andreas, who are you talking to??


I am talking to a company out of CA which only makes billet grilles. You can find them on ebay under billet_art. They seem to know their stuff with over 500+ comments and a 100% positive rating. They offer a 71 Chevelle billet grille for $199 & shipping, so I assumed the Monte grille COULD be in the same price range. Oh well...


All their grilles are in the $150-$320 price range, so let's hope we will stay in there...grin

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