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1971 Monte at Local Cruise In

Jared Richey

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Take a guess on the asking price. grin


The guy was trying to buy it for 10 years and now has bought it to resale.

Its a No Option 1971 Monte Carlo, 350 2 Barrel 245 HP, with 10 bolt rearend. Bench Seat, AM Radio

Body is straight except for a lot of little door dings. It only has 110k actual miles and runs great. The interior is perfect other than the driver side of the seat is torn.


Very minimal rust as I could tell, a little rust starting around the back tray area of the top as usual on these cars.









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There are alot of positive thinkers out there. There is no telling!

Based on the fact that the buyer was trying to buy it for years then it is a safe assumption that he overpaid and now that is being passed along.

My guess is 11,500

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Ok, pretty close on some of your guesses. grin


He's asking $8500. Based on what they sale(or atleast ask on $$) for say at the Charlotte Auto Fair. I would see this car there with a $5500-6500 price tag. Probably selling for 5k. If you bought it for 5, and spent 5 on it, you'd have a dang nice car for 10k, but I doubt you can buy it for that.


Of course they are a lot of variables there, if you left it original you could have 10k in it, but if you gotta put in a new engine, trans, rear, change interior color, perfect paint, you'll be in it for 20k in a hurry. lol

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