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SS Hockey Sticks

Jared Richey

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I have a set of those stainless ones on my red car from years back made by Larry. He sold them on eBay for 350 way back then but I bought a set for 175 which was the club member price.

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I received mine today. They are a very nice Reproduction. So nice I ordered another set because PP offered a 10% Black Friday Discount.

Don't know if the studs are in the correct place. Can't get to my Monte because it's in storage in Connecticut. I'm a Florida resident now.



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Here are the new and original together. All the pictures are the same side. The new ones are a little shorter on the trunk edge. My originals have pins in different spots between the sides. The new ones are identical to each other and in different spots than originals. 






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To drill or not to drill, got new hockey sticks from parts place.. 69$..nice but any other suggestions other than drilling holes in my taillight housing?..?.. a template would have been nice with the replacements.. I surely don’t want to Guess where to drill.. 9D9316A3-A21B-41EC-9490-5697B2064F81.thumb.jpeg.6573890068a1bd6527c523dda847cba6.jpeg

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36 minutes ago, Searsman said:

Sounds like a good idea, if they are same length to the curve as the old one I’ll be ok 👍🏻..thanks 

It appears they are not the same length as the original ones based on Kelly’s posts above.

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